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Terms & Conditions

We’re fairly open-minded people, but because we’re giving you this service for free, we think it’s only fair that you agree to some basic commitments that align you with some of our values. By applying for a blog, you’re committing to the following. If in future we think you’re breaking this commitment, we’ll try to contact you to sort things out, but if it doesn’t work out we may have to delete your blog.

  1. I will not use my blog for the purposes of racial, sexual, religious or cultural abuse or to incite racial, sexual, religious or cultural hatred against any person or group.

  2. I will not use my blog to incite attacks on individuals for personal or political purposes, nor disclose personal information regarding an individual, their friends or family.

  3. I will not use my blog to promote commercial products or services or to promote a corporate organisation.

  4. I will not use my blog to express the following: support for capitalism, domination, feudalism or hierarchy; the idea that class oppression supersedes race or gender oppression; the idea that national oppression supersedes race, gender or class oppression; a vanguard strategy for revolution; population control, including the promotion of eugenics; any form of nationalism, including in response to national oppression.

  5. I will register using an email address that will be a reliable point of contact with the network23 collective. This is my personal email, not a group or list, and I will ensure that I am reachable at all times using this address. (Read our privacy policy for an explanation…)

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