Problem with calendar plugin

UPDATE 31st August 2021: The all-in-one-event-calendar plugin has been removed from network23. We recommend any users wishing to publicise events to use squat-radar-calendar instead. If you want to manage bookings without using corporate services like eventbrite, we also support the wp-events plugin.

UPDATE 5th August 2021: We’re thinking about dropping the all-in-one-event-calendar plugin, and are consulting our users about this. All administrators of blogs on which it’s active will get an email. If you have thoughts on this, you can comment on this article.

We’ve recently done some routine updates on the software that runs network23. Unfortunately, one of the plugins we make available to you here isn’t working properly with the latest version of the core software.

We are working on a permanent solution to this. Meanwhile, if your site refuses to load, this may be what’s causing it. Please let us know by email to and we can temporaily disable that plugin for your site.

This might also be a good time to consider switching to the squat-radar-calendar, which makes your events visible to a much wider audience and integrates you better with radical network infrastructure.

This post will be edited when we have a solution.

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