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Recent Hack and How to Recover your Pages

Network 23 along with hundreds of thousands of websites has been disrupted by a hack of a version of WordPress.

We have updated to the latest version to avoid these attacks.

If you want to roll back your hacked posts then click on the Browse link next to your Revisions section on the top right of your post pages.


You got your blog

So you have arrived here because you clicked on the one link from the automated email confirming your blog details.

Welcome to blogging.

For security reasons you should change the password you have received when you first log in. You can do that in Users > Your Profile

We hope you enjoy your new site. If you have common problems like forgetting your password, please contact us on n23-request at For more technical questions or problems you can contact us on dev23 at Be sure to have a look at our Help and FAQ page –

You can also request new themes and new functionality on the same email.

One of the things we can do is to help promote your site – to do this your blog will appear on this page – – and short summaries of recent posts will appear on the front page. If
you don’t want this to happen please email and ask us not to include your blog (please mention the name of your blog).

If you need an email list for your project then why not get one from the same team that run, aktivix. You can get one by emailing and letting them know the name, purpose of the list and confirming that you agree with the usage policy.

Aktivix also offer email requests on a fried of a friend basis. If you know someone connected to network23 or aktivix then as if they can recommend you for an email. And there is a service to act as a more righteous version of twitter at – Again this works on a friend of a friend basis, (it has to be set up in this way to avoid spam), anyone with an account can invite you to sign up.

If you want to donate for all or any of these services to contribute to server costs then there are instructions for how to do that here –

Please note that the email address this message has been sent to is our only way of getting in touch with you. If there is a problem with your blog at any time in the future, we will try to contact you using this email address. If you can’t be reached, we may have no choice but to remove your blog, so you must keep checking this email address for the life of your blog.

Buddy Press Enabled.

Please bear with us while we test out Buddy Press

Just an image test for feeds

it would be great if images got put into feeds!

Welcome to the Green Zone Toolkit

Welcome to the Green Zone Toolkit.

Introductory text and an overview of what’s on the site here.
Download links for the pdf version. etc

Link to Redbricks website & City South Manchester website

Logos of funders

Setting up a WordPress network notes

Some notes on setting up a WordPress network

How to use

There is a useful plugin which allows you to cross post from a WordPress blog to interfaces. This Plugin is currently only available for the hosted WordPress set up.

To quote from the maintainers description;

Every time you make a new blog post this plugin will post a status update to the servers, facebook,, Google Buzz and Twitter accounts you have specified. You can set as many acounts on as many servers you like.

The Plugin is called and has it’s own page on the site here –

For Full Information Check this page on

New aggregator site testing

There’s a new test site to test out the new aggregator theme for wordpress. It’s installed here

In theory it should be able to display images from flickr and still from youtube and other sharing sites. But it looks like the images don’t work at the moment. If you can help out please leave a comment. or get in touch on the Hacktion lab network..

The theme uses the Simple Pie parser to get the information from feeds into a recognizable format. There’s information about the aggregator theme here.

Hosted blogging – Stop censorship – Upgrade the Struggle

Hi there,

This is a test site of a WordPress Network (similar to the set up at to see if we could run hosted blogging as a service.

There are advantages to inviting groups to use a hosted service run by a community collective rather than one run by a more ‘official’ setup. The main one is we would be able to provide a service which doesn’t log the ip addresses of visitors or posters to the blog. A good aim in a struggle for online free speech. has been handing over IP addresses of UK bloggers due to legal pressure. See the cases of University of Salford and the Bristol Blogger.

WordPress blogs are able to provide podcasts and image galleries quite simply. They will also be able to embed video from sites like Indymedia.

This site is a work in progress. Come back for more info.

We have several test sites up and running. If you would like to test them out please get in touch via the hacktionlab network or indymedia networks.

Audio Blog –
Images Blog –
Video Blog –
Pop Ed Blog –

The next bit of work to do it to test out these blogs, work out what plugins are needed, work out how we are going to work as a collective and stuff like that….

Testing cross posting on

testing cross posting from to