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You got your blog

So, you have arrived here because you clicked on the link from the automated email confirming your blog details.

Welcome to blogging.

For security reasons you should change the password you have received when you first log in. You can do that in Users > Your Profile

We hope you enjoy your new site. If you have common problems like forgetting your password, please contact us on n23-request at lists.aktivix.org. Be sure to have a look at our Help pages, especially https://network23.org/help/introduction/

You can also request new themes and new functionality on the same email.

If you need an email list for your project then why not get one from our sister project, aktivix. You can get one by emailing aktivix-request at lists dot aktivix dot org and letting them know the name, purpose of the list and confirming that you agree with the usage policy. https://en.wiki.aktivix.org/Aktivix:AUP

Aktivix also offer email addresses on a friend-of-a-friend basis. If you know someone connected to network23 or aktivix then they can recommend you for an email account.

If you want to donate for all or any of these services to contribute to server costs then there are instructions for how to do that here – https://en.wiki.aktivix.org/Aktivix:DonateToAktivix

Please note that the email address this message has been sent to is our only way of getting in touch with you. If there is a problem with your blog at any time in the future, we will try to contact you using this email address. If you can’t be reached, we may have no choice but to remove your blog, so you must keep checking this email address for the life of your blog.