Don’t opt-in to any premium plugins

We provide network23 users with a selection of wordpress plugins. These have been chosen for different reasons. Sometimes, the plugin developers start doing things we don’t like and we have to make a tough choice whether to remove the plugin (which could break some old sites that were relying on it), or deal with it.

Recently some of our plugins have started asking users (i.e. bloggers) to “opt-in”, “upgrade”, or “sign-up” for some extra features. We strongly urge you not to do this. It creates a risk that your privacy could be breached in various ways, and could compromise the way this network runs.

A new look for network23

It’s been a while since the front page for network23 was designed. Lots of the links were dead and some functionality relied on things that don’t work anymore. So we decided to start afresh, and hopefully make a front-page that’s simpler and less cluttered than before.

One of the things we had to drop over the last year was buddypress and a few multisite widgets. Instead, we’re now bringing you a “Top 10” (on the right of the front page) and a “Top 100” listing of the blogs we host that have most recently been active. So if you want to see what’s going on, that’s where to look.

Your feedback is welcome.