Other Laws

Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate the various pieces of legislation we have covered. In this section – “other laws” you should find information (wording of the law plus explanations and notes) on less commonly used laws. Some of them may not seem applicable to activism (laws such as those covering theft and so on). However, we decided to include a broader range of laws that have been or may be used against activists. Burglary, for example, has been used against animal liberation activists when accused of liberating chickens or other animals. “Criminal damage” is used against those who are accused of taking part in direct action and so on. We wanted this information and the wording of these laws to be easily accessible for activists looking for it.

You can also check out www.legislation.gov.uk and search for a specific piece of legislation using the name of the act (e.g. “Public Order Act”) and the year the act came into use (e.g. “1986” if you’re looking at the Public Order Act). If you don’t know these details, feel free to contact us, look for the legislation on this website or do a search for the section of the law you believe was quoted or the type of activity the law deals with and see what comes up!