Animal Rights Groups and Resources:

Animal Aid (Animal Aid’s factfiles include info on setting up uni groups, stalls, leafletting, etc.)

Viva (Vegetarian’s International Voice for Animals)

Captive Animals’ Protection Society

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade

Information on Alternatives to Animal Testing

Environmental Groups:

Other Activist Groups & Info:

Seeds For Change (have a wide variety of resources)

Football Fans Against the Criminal Justice Act

Campaign Central

Advisory Service for Squatters

Squatters’ Action for Secure Housing

Corporate Watch

NetPol (Network for Police Monitoring)

Legal Support & Info:

Green and Black Cross (“we are an independent grassroots project set up in the spirit of mutual aid to support social and environmental struggles within the UK”)

OUTPACED (legal support for those protecting wild animals)

Squatters’ Legal Network

Network for Police Monitoring

Activist’s Legal Project

Legal Defence and Monitoring Group

StopWatch (information and advice regarding stops & searches)

Vegan Prisoner’s Support Group (contains info on police stations, prisons, preparing for court, etc. and is a group actively working to improve conditions for vegan prisoners and keep prisons informed of vegan options)

Other Support Groups

Counselling for Social Change

Activist Trauma Support

International Groups

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