Below are the firms that people in our collective can recommend. NetPol also have a good list of recommended solicitors to download on their website.

Birds Solicitors
61 Wandsworth High St
SW18 2PT
Tel: 020 8874 7433
Out of hours arrests: 07966 234994

Sonn MacMillan Walker Solicitors
12 Widegate Street
E1 7HP
Tel: 020 7277 8889
Out of hours arrests: 07659 591 505

Bindmans Solicitors LLP
Mike Schwarz
275 Gray’s Inn Road
Tel: 020 7833 4433

36 Clarence Road
S40 1XB
Tel: 01246 211 006

Kelly’s Solicitors
9 St. George’s Place
East Sussex
Tel: 01273 674 898
Out of hours pager: 0800 387 463

Hodge Jones & Allen LLP
180 North Gower Street
0800 437 0322
0207 874 8364
Out-of-hours: 07659 111 192

Duty Solicitors.

If you think that you can handle being interviewed by the police without asking for legal advice, excellent – if you’re confident about saying “No Comment” to questions asked by the police, you may not feel you need legal advice. However, if you’re worried about anything or have any questions, always try to use a recommended solicitor for advice. The police will often tell you that you may have to pay to see a solicitor – this is not the case. They may tell you that it will take longer and that you should just talk to a duty solicitor instead. It may take slightly longer for your preferred solicitor’s firm to send someone along to you, but if you want good, reliable legal advice, it’s definitely worth it.

Many duty solicitors have worked for the police in the past and you never know if you’ll end up talking to one who is on the side of the police, trying to get you to admit guilt and make the lives of the officers easier. One activist was told “If the police tell you to do something, you have to do it. You’re guilty of this offence – why are you pleading not guilty?!” Luckily she knew the law and realised that the solicitor either didn’t know the law or was trying to trick her. They’re not all bad, and activists have had good experiences, but it’s not worth the risk! Additionally, many solicitors will have little knowledge of laws that specifically deal with protests, so you want to be able to talk to someone who knows their stuff!