August 2023 update


‘We are damned fools’ says the NASA scientist who warned us about the greenhouse effect in the 1980s, as we see the super-charged weather extremes causing mayhem around the world. We have already increased the chances of the extreme heatwaves being experienced around the northern hemisphere from 1% half a century ago to 20% now. Although this year we are not in an “every year will inevitably be worse than this year from now on” situation because this is an El Niño year (when the ocean currents don’t bury most of the heat), it is very much a taste of things to come if we don’t get our act together.

Is it too late to make a difference? No. Because each fraction of a degree more warming will fuel more, more prolonged, and more extreme, extreme weather. If we don’t stop, “the chemical makeup of our atmosphere will soon change enough to induce not only dangerous but truly catastrophic global climate change” says Professor Michael Mann.

I don’t make any difference. Yes, you do. And try saying that to anyone who has fought for our freedom. Of course, neither my father, who fought in the second world war, and is now dying, nor any individual could alone have defeated Nazism! It required 100 million individual fighters, each playing their part, for the war to be won. We don’t have to risk life or limb or give up years of our lives. What we need to do now in comparison is a walk in the park. Those who can afford to cut their emissions significantly are the ones doing the most damage, and vice versa. Driving a big car or SUV? Switch to a smaller electric vehicle.  Frequent flyer? Fly less! Insulate your house; take up a government grant and install an air source heat pump. Most of us voted for a champion of the environment for our MP; that’s a big step!

So, ready, steady – stop freaking out and join the millions who are already doing something to prevent catastrophic climate change, go to where you’ll learn what you can do to make the most positive impact: making your money count; keeping politicians accountable; sparking ideas at work; pushing for climate headlines; talking about climate change and the steps we can take, and teaming up with others to boost your impact.

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