Oh dear

As a group we would not normally get involved in internet arguments, especially since the video in question is not ours, but we do not shy away from a bit of humour. Here we present once again Mr. Kevin Wilshaw, a parody of himself.


Now we all know that nazis are full of shit but what Kev fails to realise is that yes, he did get a much deserved slap in 1983, however his maths skills leaves much to be desired:

– He claims that the creator of the video is “slow on the uptake” because his beating happened 33 years ago. The audio in the parody tune was taken from a video he posted on his quite crap YouTube channel. He did not start posting videos until one year ago. YouTube was not even founded until February 2005. So how was anyone supposed to take any audio from the video until he actually posted it? Come on Kev, your much vaunted brain cell power is not quite working is it? Do the maths!

Also believe it or not Kev, hardly anyone pays any attention to you (this much is evident by the outstanding 188 views you have had on your most popular video). With this in mind it is hardly surprising that the video from which the audio was taken was only just noticed. You are right about one thing though, the person who created this video has perpetuated your name and image (because it seems like no one gave a toss before) but it took a parody of yourself to get you noticed (we had not even heard of you before this). This is quite sad really. We feel for you, we really do. Chances are the creator probably just stumbled upon your crap videos rather than heard about them because they are just that riveting.

Anyway Kev, it has been nice chatting but we need to go. All the best and hey, keep raving!