some words never change

-some words never change! hallelujah!
-takes a big man to eat that other particular word
-that word we send up like a firework
-that word we splash around in like a lake
-that word we wrap around us
-that word sends out a beam that comes with its own darkness around it
-that word is irresistibly fulfilling
-that word rends us, in a way that we feels unbelievably good
-that word is a plate of steel thrown up in front of us
-that word is the joyous person’s holding pattern
-that word flips when you see what’s behind it
-but THAT word is really really REALLY old and really really REALLY special
-but that one too
-that word is a history lesson with instantaneous tears
-that word tells you about all the words that came before it, and why
-ok, that word was eight pretty rare words at once–who is teasing me?
-that word does an important job, and makes it easy for us
-that word sounds like an order, but isn’t
-that word is a reminder that somehow adds to our understanding
-that word changes the meaning of defiant

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