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Rebuttal: manufacturers claim clothes patterns for pain are for “keeping things level”– but none of them are for helping people feel better

When asked why so many clothing patterns indicated the wearer should be subjected to pain or otherwise treated badly, manufacturers responded that this what part of a greater plan to “keep things level.”

“No one should be too good, or too bad, too clever, or too dense,” said a spokeman. “The patterns help adjust the what people experience so no one pulls too far ahead or pulls too far behind.”

Oh really? Then where are the patterns that show that people need a leg up or a helping hand? 

In general, this “keeping things level” rationale is a bunch of crap for one reason– no one ever applies it to justify helping someone. How can it be for keeping things level if it only makes things worse?

It’s just a story to make you feel better when you hurt people — I didn’t tell you to fall for it!

If you feel like you should repeat yourself

If you feel like you should repeat yourself

Go ahead and do so

As many times as necessary

Until you feel you’re done.

We don’t mind.


Do you know how to help someone make a plan?

Instead of giving an order or making a demand, help someone think through the steps they need to take to do something. These may be different from your steps. They might involve addressing obstacles only the person you are ordering around, ahem, I mean, helping, that’s what we call it, helping– the person you are helping might have obstacles no one else has.

Like me, you have to get me away from the computer before I can make some coffee, and I’m going to have to wash the dishes too because the coffeepot is dirty. If you don’t let me add those things to the plan, I will just feel like I can’t make coffee. Because I can’t, the coffeepot is dirty and I am busy. And that is that for your demand.

But if you learn all the steps I need to take, you can make a plan that’s good for me, and I will make the coffee.

And then as you are planning you might learn that there are other, better ideas– ideas to add to your plan or to change it completely. And that is better.

When someone asks you what someone else thinks, the answer is always the same; I’m mean but I don’t see why anyone else should be; The mind does nothing.

When someone asks you what someone else thinks, the answer is always the same.

I don’t know. 

Even if you’re a Reader. If they want to know what they think, they should ask them directly. 

Yes I’m mean but I don’t see why anyone else should be.

They all want to be the biggest c*nt around, that’s what they tell me. It’s a quote.

How come none of you ever got in trouble, even though you were so, so bad?

The mind does nothing. 

At the end of the day, we are a set of hands, a set of feet, legs and arms and the things in between. And also a mind. 

The mind does nothing. The hands and feet and arms and legs and the things in between do things. Your hands and feet and those of others. 

Your mind is like the annoying neighbor who comes over to watch you when you work in your yard. It’s might be helpful, it might not be. 

The real world always comes first. That’s where the action is.

Tell me again why there are code words that mean that you should make someone hit someone?

(computer crashed when I tried to post this earlier– had to rewrite it. Movie I was watching kept streaming the whole time, so it wasn’t a network issue. )

Tell me why again there are code words that mean you should hurt someone?

Tell me.. stop trying to distract me and answer.


And why should there be so many different words? I can think of a hundred off the top of my head. For itching noses, burning eyes, a chill, throbbing ears, heartburn, 5 kinds of sore throats, 12 kinds of stomach aches, numbness..

What, do you think I’m comatose? That’s what I would have to be not to notice what you do to me!

These words aren’t for you Knowers to pretend to fight with each other. What are they for?

And why so many?

You need these because you do not actually read minds. Because you weren’t allowed to. These words are for tricking Thinkers into doing things because you don’t know other ways to make them do things.

You make someone’s head itch, so that they scratch it. Because you don’t know how to just make them scratch it–the right way.

And why do that? So you can tell another Knower who is watching that person that they are thinking “I don’t know.” Because you don’t know how to tell them telepathically– the right way.

Because Knowers can’t read and hear this for themselves.

Or for a kid who drinks too much alcohol, you could make him vomit and scare him, maybe keep him from dying from too much alcohol in his system.

But vomiting is different–very different from code words for “cut him” or “choke him” or “burn him.” Those won’t help anyone. Whatever they might communicate could be said another way, without hurting anyone.

What are we supposed to think you think you are doing?

These words come from criminals. What a waste! And now it is out of control and you are hurting all these people. You learned all the worst words, from criminals. They were the only ones who kept telepathy alive in your country– everyone else stopped teaching it because it was against the law.

So you learned all their words. You are trying to be like them, but they only taught you a little of what they know. They didn’t want you to know any of the real stuff because you might become a threat to them. They never taught you to defend yourself mentally.

So now you commit crimes for them and act like a criminal. But the criminals made money when they did it– and you don’t!

You are like children, pantomiming, not knowing why.

You just do what they tell you. While they make you feel like a rebel.

If you learned to read everyone would just do what you wanted. The body stuff was supposed to be for helping people when they were sick. In emergencies, like when they were too drunk to think. What is wrong with you.

You say it isn’t your fault. Someone made you this way.

A lot of people are made this way, and not all of them hurt people.

Are you pretending to be a robot? Why?

Just because someone can force people to do something, that doesn’t mean there aren’t bad people.

There is a difference between responsibility and fault. You have to distinguish between who is at fault and who is responsible. If someone forced you, they are at fault, but if you can’t catch them, you are still responsible.Sometimes you are still responsible for things that aren’t your fault.

If a rat trips you and you drop your friend’s birthday cake, do you expect the rat to buy you a new one?

What did you do?
He made me do it!
We don’t care!

Parlor tricks keep Knowers busy. Knowers should take back what was taken from them by learning to read.

The group of Knowers make themselves so obvious! They can’t help it, they weren’t told enough to know to be careful, and they are Knowers, so self-preservation doesn’t always occur to them. But they carry on if anyone notices them– like the rest of the world should have to help them hide all their mistakes.

There’s no reason for these words to exist. You shouldn’t punch a guy out, but if you have to, it should be because he pissed you off. Directly. You, not someone else. And be prepared to accept the consequences.

But these code words are like little orders, from a general you can’t see, who’s sometimes isn’t even around to explain why. Their purpose is to trick you into hurting people you otherwise would not.

These words should go away. People can decide to ignore them and they will disappear.

Let’s be precise!

Let’s be precise

Let’s say exactly what we mean

Let’s fill in all the pronouns

Let’s make it clear what we mean

Don’t say, “I don’t know.” Say, “I don’t know who that is.”

Wait, don’t say, “I don’t know who that is.” Say, “I don’t know who that is in that picture.”

Wait, don’t say, “I don’t know who that is in that picture.” Say, “I don’t know who that is in the picture you just showed me.”

Wait, who showed you the picture?

I don’t know.

The story tells a different lesson too, but it is important to be precise. We tend to assume people know what we’re thinking, but they only know it if we think it.

How to orchestrate conversation between two people when one can’t hear the other

We don’t actually talk to each other. We talk to our phones and hope they repeat what we said to someone else correctly.

Marco can’t hear Dan, but she can hear Jark. 

Jark can hear and talk to Marco and Dan, but Marco won’t hear Jark talk to Dan and Dan won’t hear Jark talk to Marco.

Let’s see what happens.

Jark: (to Dan) Marco is right here, she’s waiting to talk to you, I told him how important this is.

Dan: (to Marco) Do you have some time to talk?

Jark: (to Marco) You c*nt!

Marco: Shut the f*ck up, no one cares what you say!

Dan: OK, later then.

Jark: (to Marco, in a girl’s voice) That’s not true.

Dan: Did she say she’d killed them?

Jark: (to Marco, in Dan’s voice) That’s not true?

Marco: That’s what she just said, yes.

Dan: <I don’t know what>

Jark: (to Marco) I saw it, I looked at it, it was in front of me, someone showed it to me– which one do YOU say when you look at something?

Marco: I think.. I looked at it? I don’t know which one really.

Marco: (to Jark) That man’s face looks like it’s melting.

Jark: (to Marco) Which man?

Marco: (to Jark) That guy over there, waiting for the bus. I never saw him before.

Jark: (getting Dan) Hold on.

Jark: (to Dan) She says she can remember.

Dan: Marco, who told you about all this?

Jark: (to Marco) Who does he look like? The guy waiting for the bus?

Marco: Oh, my grandfather.

Marco: Oh no, there’s a bad guy yelling at me!

Jark: (to Dan) We found the suspect! Should be right around here somewhere, listen!

Jark: (to Marco) What does he sound like?

Marco: Like this! Muhahahaha

(Dan arrests Marco.)

Dan: They must have a storefront somewhere, for their criminal activities,,,

Jark: (to Marco) There’s a store down the street, do you know which one this is?

(Shows picture)

Marco: Oh, Mom and Pop’s Grocery? They have great lemonade.

Just ask; It’s ok to explain; All thinking is ok

Tell me more about that…

If you want something just ask

If you need something just ask

I will be so happy to tell you

I like to help

Knowers are not into asking questions. They are told that asking questions means their “power” is weak.

This is obviously a trick to keep them ignorant and fighting with everyone. Just ask, Readers, Knowers, and Thinkers, for what you’d like or what you need, like the poem says. You will feel so much better.

There is a saying: ask a lot of questions and you will be quite smart.

Here are some questions from me: why would you hurt someone to get their attention? Or hurt someone to get someone else’s attention?

Who taught you to do this?

Why don’t you just ask people for what you want, or clear your throat loudly?

It’s ok to just explain

“Show don’t tell” is this idea that you have to prove things to people, that you have to show them what you mean, often by hurting them somehow. You could teach me about death by killing my goldfish for example.

“Show don’t tell” is only for animals*, because they don’t understand. Sometimes teachers use it to make lessons stick better — but they never hurt people to show them something. There is no rule that you have to show people instead of telling them, it is just a nice thing to do sometimes to help them understand. But there are many rules about not hurting people.

You can just tell Readers what you want them to know. You don’t have to act it out. That was for Knowers– they needed proof because they had no way to tell if you were lying. The Readers will know you aren’t lying because they can actually read your mind, and the Thinkers believe everything anyone says (within reason) so don’t worry about it.

Just tell people what you want them to know. They have brains, they will understand. You don’t have to beat it into them. (I think someone might have tricked you into thinking you had to beat people in order to teach them things. That was a dirty trick. For some people, all roads lead to the same outcome — you being violent.)

And for heaven’s sake don’t beat them and wait for them to guess why! Just tell them what you want them to know.

All thinking is OK

Knowers listen for sounds, sounds that trigger them to attack. These sounds represent feelings, moods, personality traits, insults, whatever.

But why does it matter what sound someone makes, or what someone thinks? It’s not going to hurt anyone. Let them go ahead and think it. Why not?

There is a famous example of a guy who thinks about murder and gets in trouble. But he says, No, I wasn’t thinking about murdering anyone myself. I was thinking about unicorns murdering someone.

Ohh, says everyone. That’s different.

But it’s not. All of our thinking could be about unicorns. Thinking isn’t real, and all thinking is good.

People make a distinction between thinking and ideas.

Thinking is involuntary, like digestion. And digestion is good. Thinking never stops and changes direction a lot. It is like a blur.

Ideas are involuntary for Thinkers and Knowers, but intentional for Readers. People “have” ideas. They can be put into words. Ideas can be good or bad, but even when they are bad, they are still pretty harmless.

Bad Idea Jeans (SNL) The movies I include get taken down a lot.

*It also can be nice for poetry. Poetry is rather different from what we are talking about here.

Let’s hang some people!

Let’s hang some people!

That sound a certain way!

Don’t let’s wait,

Hang them today!

Because if you listen

In an hour or a day

They might talk

In a completely different way!

Proof that fake Chinese mindreading was developed to hurt Americans (and that it is fake)

Introducing…. Reverse Chinese!

Experts discovered that American children are being taught especially distorted versions of the Chinese language.

“We knew about the cursing, we heard the cursing first. We didn’t know they had distorted the whole language,” said an expert (name).

Babies were taught that almost every single word that was not a noun was the opposite word in Chinese.

“We’re not exactly sure about the structure of it yet,” said one expert. “We’re starting with the exclamations, and they all seem backward.”

By comparing the meaning taken away from the same sound Chinese-American person with that heard in the same sound by a non Chinese-American person, we found things are mostly completely reversed

American Chinese-American

Ouch Ahh (sound of sexual pleasure)
That feels better! Noooo! Help!
Where was I? I f**king hate you

Wink, wink, say no more. Tell everyone this

Hey, that’s neat! What the f**k is wrong with you?
I don’t understand. Piss up a rope!
Huh? You talk like a retard
You are sweet, I love you. I will kill you!
I’m scared. I’m going to f**k you up
Yay!! Die!!
Please? Do it now!
This is fun! I’m going to hurt someone!
(Telling self to stay calm). AHHHHH!!
What else can I get you? You selfish piece of sh*t.
Oh, no, da**it! Nice! That’s great.
Hang in there, it will be ok. (Criminal code word for mess with this person)
I’m hungry. I don’t want to eat.
Oh man, this is difficult. (Chinese code for stop them.)

How did this work?

But weren’t these sounds incoherent, once you reversed them and strung them together?

“Sure, but that just means the person’s crazy,” said one person who for several years had been remotely groping a child every time he bumped his knee. “Which is more of a reason to go after them.”

And wasn’t it obvious that the people were saying and doing didn’t line up with what people thought they were thinking?

“A little bit? But again we just interpreted that to mean that these were bad people were liars.”

Because those hearing the language distortions were Knowers, the inconsistencies were not very closely examined.

“It was an efficient plan for starting fights between these two groups. You have to be a little bit impressed by whoever came up with it,” said one Reader documenting the case. “No one had to be there to start the fight. People would fight all by themselves because of the language difference.”

“Plus parents learn these sounds from their children, so the reverse language would be passed down through families.”*

“It’s also the plan of someone who never dreamed they would get caught,” she continued. “Because it’s a huge smoking gun. People learn these sounds very early in life, usually before age three.”

Which is distorted and which is real?

Experts are still investigating the relationship between reverse Chinese and other languages. Were the Americans taught a special version of Chinese, or were the Chinese taught that sounds from other cultures had different meanings?

In other words, were younger Chinese possibly taught reverse Korean or reverse Hebrew?

Examining people of different ages and cultural backgrounds who have the various understandings of these sounds seems to be the key to unlocking which.

If only younger Chinese people have this problem, then it’s more likely that they were taught a different language backward. But if all Chinese people agree on the Chinese meaning of these sounds, then it’s more likely that the Americans were taught a strange version of Chinese.

Or, it’s possible that older Chinese people are aware of reverse Chinese and can interpret it more accurately. Or, because older people are more likely to be readers than younger people, they interpret the sounds as they’re meant.

What if an entire generation of Chinese children was taught that normal American thinking was offensive? In other words, what if it isn’t the speaker, but the listener? It’s hard to be sure, but that would lead younger Chinese people to dislike older Chinese people quite a bit, and quite inexplicably.

If that turns out the be the case, it is less likely that fake mindreading originated in China.

“There’s a chain of actions– you print a certain shirt, you teach a baby a certain way… One action is harmless, the person carrying it out isn’t trying to hurt anyone, and the action that caused it is harmless too, but as you look farther and father down the chain, at some point there is a very intentional malicious plan. Just need to find where.

“And on the other side too, the people that saw the shirt or heard the language and hurt people based on what they thought they were being told, that’s pretty malicious too. But in the middle maybe are a lot of well-intentioned people who spread this far and wide.

It appears only certain Americans, particularly African Americans and lower-income groups were taught the inverted language.

“When you first encounter a person who’s been taught reverse Chinese you wouldn’t think that they had,” said (). “Because of the language difference they’ve been so severely abused, that most of them stop thinking to the degree that they can.”

“But if you investigate further you’ll find that the readers and knowers who care for that person will all report having a persistent problem with some telepath that comes around and curses at them regularly.”

“Unfortunately what they’re thinking is a telepath, is that affected person. The Thinker.

And if they stop trying to remove that person from their own mind, the affected children or even adults should have much better educational and psychological outcomes, pretty much immediately.

What to do?

In either case, the solution is the same. The whole thing is just a big misunderstanding, thank God!*

If you suspect you are being misinterpreted, you can sometimes get around it by thinking in pictures. One trick is to think of printed words on a page. Instead of thinking that you are hungry, you can picture the words in your mind. This circumvents the language barrier, but it not good for your mental health, so only try this if you have problems you think are caused by a language misalignment.

Another trick is to pray. Prayer forces you to think intentionally and can help Readers straighten things out, for example, if your normal thinking is hard to hear.

You could pray like this for example, while holding on to your loved one who is being punished for talking funny: Dear God, I want you and everyone else to know that sometimes people intentionally teach children thought-languages wrong, and that I suspect that is going on here because <reason> and it really isn’t fair. Who do you think said, ‘cut this man’s nose off,’ where are they? Because all I can see is the man with the sore nose.

“He was trained to think that that word means something else, when he was young. Now when you hear him you think he’s someone else telling you to attack him. But it was just him who said whatever you heard, and he didn’t mean it the way you heard it. He meant something else.

“Now God, I wish whoever is hurting this man would think back to whatever sound they heard that made them hurt him, and say it to the man so we can find out what he thinks it means. They will need a Reader to help them hear what he thinks it means. Can this person remember the word? Can they say it to him?

“Thank you God. It sounds like he thinks that means ‘cheesy’ like a corny movie. And what does the other guy think… he thinks it means ‘cut his nose off.’ Well, it would be a funny old world if we were all the same, wouldn’t it, God.

“But everyone can see he didn’t do anything wrong, and he’s not going to be able to stop saying that. So let’s not hurt him.

“Here, we can get him to say it again. I’ll just ask him about some movie, if he thought it was cheesy. Hold on a second God — see? And.. now, hold on again, some other person is trying to hurt him, now, and we’re still working on this first person. Does the first person see? He says that whenever he means cheesy.” etc.

The first step is for Knowers and Readers to acknowledge that there are different thought languages, and just spread the word that they have been artificially aligned this way and that what you hear someone say is very rarely what they mean.

“Just leave people alone. Or sit there and listen,” said one Reader.

“Or at least stop beating on everyone? Why were you doing that anyway? Are we really supposed to pretend that you think there are that many crazy people running around randomly cursing at you for no reason? Making all these cursing sounds that you just can’t locate the source of? But that you think attacking will somehow help?”

“We’re finding children who were taught to say ‘make it hard for me to breathe’ in some kind of criminal code. Why is there any word for such a thing? And the people that hear it carry it out– what are we supposed to think they are doing that for? What are we supposed to think they think they are doing it for?

Knowers said they were told that “bad people” needed to be stopped, and hurting children was sometimes necessary to stop them. However, since the children were taught to say these words themselves, not made to say them, it’s clear that the idea was not to hurt the children until something about them changed, but to hurt them for their entire lives.

It is not clear who the “bad people” were supposed to be.

“So either Knowers were lied to, and thought they were fighting crime somehow — or they were intentionally attacking innocent American children just because they were told to. I have heard many Knowers call it ‘murder in advance’ or ‘pre-murder’.”

The other of course is to investigate how this happened.

This system is definitely using some well-intentioned people to hurt each other, although there are others who know what is going on. It couldn’t exist without one or two huge lies, and as soon as people are aware of that, the problem could vanish overnight.

You can tune ppl
And the telepath thinks at a thinker using certain vocabulary, The thinker we’ll start to use that vocabulary themselves.

One thing is guaranteed, the people implementing this unknowingly are not mind readers, no matter what they thought they were. They are what you call deaf, maybe worse. Any mind reader would have correctly interpreted these sounds.

My mom used to sing this song a lot, just around the house.

*This reminds me, there are some Readers who are downright vicious to Readers they think are not good enough (which would include Knowers). They justify committing just about any kind of horrific crime by saying “it serves people right if they are dumb enough to fall for it.” They are often not good teachers though, so they tend to beat people for being dumb and forget to tell them how to be smart. Easier to just keep beating them. Maybe you recognize this type of brutal logic– about how it serves people right, so they don’t feel guilty — and can match it to an idealogy. I think somehow that idea got twisted and caused, oh, I don’t know, millions and millions of early deaths (including the Holocaust, so don’t say “Jews,” some people are so weird about Jews and there’s nothing wrong with Jews, please try to get over it).

But this is just the kind of thing this group would do, it’s like there are strict rules about how to do it — create a misunderstanding that is a hidden lesson, but it is twisted enough that no one can get the lesson. But if you were super-duper clever you would get it, they think. They might believe that only super-duper clever people should be Readers. That it is an exclusive club for geniuses like them. That movie Seven, that’s what I always think of, that mindset where you put people in impossible positions and force them to hurt people to save themselves, as if that were interesting. They have systems for coming up with these misunderstandings, they build them up in layers. They see tricking innocent people into doing bad things is like an accomplishment to be proud of, because they believe what we think of as morality is a facade and they want to reveal it as such. They believe the real world only comes out in brutal and cruel situations and anything else we experience must be fake. I guess that is how their minds were set up.

They are very difficult to hurt and probably severely abused from a young age.

First step in telepathy: no talking (be quiet and find the river)

You no doubt have heard many times that your mind is like a river, always flowing. 

But Knowers get bottled water, that’s packaged up, with a printed label wrapped on it. They call this “talking”– they scoop up some ideas from the river, decide how to say them, and throw them at someone.

The packaging might be in words or it might not. The person who gets the bottle has to pick it up (listen to it), and drink it (think about the idea). But because they are ideas and not really water, what they drink might not be the same as what was scooped up from the river. You hope it is the right water that they thirst for, but you can’t be sure.

And you get used to this, packaging, packaging, packaging. You get packages too, to open up.

But you still have a river, flowing in the background of your mind. What is so fun is to stop making and receiving or drinking bottled water and just listen to the river for a while. It is just like the packaged thinking you have been doing, but effortless. You just do nothing, and the thinking keeps happening, because you were thinking the whole time. It’s what you think when you don’t mean to think of anything.

That’s where Readers spend all their time, in that river. 

That artificial thinking should go away. You don’t want or need it. It is a great relief not to have to talk to anyone. Over time you can learn to read everything you want to know from the river. Meanwhile, probably most people are happy to find out they don’t need to do anything. In fact we prefer that you don’t do anything. That is the first step to becoming a mind reader.

I am not a telepath but feel pretty confident this would be a good first step. I used to watch this movie every day. It is very corny but you might like it. That was 15 years ago.

Second largest difference between Indian and fake Chinese Mindreading: Repeating ideas

The Knowing system relies heavily on repeating ideas. When two Knowers communicate with each other, the Sneak, the hidden Reader who makes it all happen, must repeat what each one said to the other.

And whenever a Knower is told what a non-telepath is thinking, the Sneak must repeat the ideas to the Knower.

But in Indian telepathy, repeating an idea is gross. It is effectively… eating someone else’s poop. Yes. Sorry but that is what it is. It will make you sick. It seems to have had that effect on lots of people.

So how do people know what’s going on then? Well, Readers insist on hearing everything first hand. They see telepathy as like sex. Very like sex. Turn intensity down 10 clicks because like sex too much, different world.

Readers insist on hearing everything firsthand. They see telepathy as like sex, and you wouldn’t try to use someone else to have sex, that is gross.

So they generally tend to stay closer to home, and spend time with their family and friends, almost exclusively people that they know in real life, for safety. The world is full of con-men. They are everywhere. Readers might dial out long distance in an emergency.

But they do insist on hearing things firsthand.

Why do some people repeat everything you say to them outloud?

Did you ever meet someone and that repeated everything you said to them? A murdered person, probably. Someone thinks that the Thinker is a Knower or Reader that can’t hear, and is repeating to them everything that is said out loud like subtitles, trying to help them. But the Thinker doesn’t realize this.

People can’t control what they think

Others can control what we think, but we can’t control it ourselves.

If you treat people poorly, they will think poorly of you. If you treat them well, they will think well of you.

There is a saying:

Why did he do what she said and not what I said? 

He likes her better than you.

Efforts to police thinking are obviously just ways to trick people. All thinking is ok. It’s doing that can get people in trouble.

Some doing is bad, some doing is good, some doing doesn’t matter.

Fake Chinese Mindreading – Knowers were told to treat Knowers, Readers and Thinkers the same

“If they had taught them to read they would know how to find the door. And so much pain and suffering would never have happened.”

Investigators have uncovered more about the motive behind the plot to destroy traditional telepathy: gradually those taught fake mind reading and those never taught anything about it were to meet in the middle, so that everyone could be the same kind of zombie.

“Knowers were told that they should communicate with everyone the same way — talk to them conversationally, what Readers call ‘mindtexting.’ This created a huge problem. An unbelievably huge problem.”

It was a very clever and nasty plan.

“Knowers would mindtext out to other Knowers and get an answer, fine. And if they mindtexted Thinkers (non-telepaths) that were controlled by Knowers, they would get an answer fine.”

But Thinkers couldn’t hear a word of the mindtexting. So whenever Knowers came across Thinkers that weren’t already controlled by Knowers, the Knowers were instructed to telepathically arrest them.

“The crime is called DNR, for Did Not Respond. It’s like something out of a kid’s book. I swear we’re going to find their treehouse next.”

The consequences were rather serious. Arresting these Thinkers was a way to make sure every Thinker was controlled by a Knower.

“Basically they would arrest them, and rough them up telepathically. That meant headaches, body aches, and emotional problems, especially anxiety and restless leg syndrome. It’s often thought to be an inexplicable migraine headache.

“Then they would assign a Knower to control them, stop all the pain, and there you go, the person would become a another Knower asset.”

The plan did not acknowledge that many Readers are not allowed to mindtext. But even if they did, they all expected the Knowers to understand their response.

“You have to answer in Chinese or they arrest you,” said Cat Carrier, a Reader. “It’s not just that they don’t understand other languages. Many of them don’t believe other languages exist.”

Authorities are having difficulty estimating how many Readers and Thinkers* were arrested this way.

“There is a saying, You are screaming at a wall, trying to knock it down, when there is a door,” said Cat. “It’s disgusting that they didn’t explain this. They knew what would happen.”

“They presented the plan as a way to level the great playing field and make everyone the same, but they knew once people pass a certain age, they are the way they are. It was a dirty trick.

“If they had taught them to read they would know how to find the door. And so much pain and suffering would never have happened.”

“I asked this one guy for his name for four days,” said a former Knower. “How frustrating!”

Many Knowers also report raising their voices in an effort to get the Thinkers to respond.

“I thought he was just hard of hearing, so I screamed!” said Disney Octopus. “Of course that drew a crowd of Knowers and we all screamed for a few days.”

Did the suspect like it? “Oh, I don’t know,” said Disney. “I wasn’t really checking that.”

Did she really think the suspect was ignoring her completely for several days? “Well, I mean, I didn’t think about it. I ‘knew” I should arrest him. They tell you if you arrest the wrong person, the person should speak up and explain things, and he didn’t do that. “

How did she expect him to do that? “Oh I guess you’re right, he didn’t even know we exist, so I guess he couldn’t explain it all to us.”

Knowers also arrest Thinkers for being upset, being in pain, thinking things that are insulting or lewd, or being weird.

“The standard protocol if you hurt them for awhile and nothing happens is to hurt someone close to them. A family member or a pet. That’s supposed to flush them out.”

“We’re taught what good and bad people sound like,” said Disney. “I guess they didn’t really bother to teach us that well.”

Frequently Knowers end up screaming at each other. “I was yelling because I heard insults, and my friend was yelling the insults because she heard me,” said Disney. “Inside this child’s mind. She couldn’t hear us, but they said it made her very uncomfortable. It’s hard to tell what’s going on sometimes.”

“The worst in when you can’t stop though,” said Disney. “A few times people explained it to me that there was nothing I needed to do but I just kept hitting the guy. That’s not a good feeling. You realize you aren’t in control of yourself”

Experts agreed. “This is why we teaching mind-reading the way we do,” said Carrier. “You have to know what you are doing, you have to be able to listen, or else you can hurt a lot of people.”

Or be used to hurt them.

* need a good name for these!

Fussiness (Little Miss Perfect)

I deal with this everyday.

Note: this post is intentionally overlong and verbose.

There’s something insidious about fussiness, I’ve felt this my whole life. It’s not that being orderly is bad. Obviously being orderly is good.

It’s when we decide that everything disorderly is bad. We make a tut-tut of disapproval and an inner voice that tells us this just won’t do.

This just won’t do. This just won’t do what, exactly?

What’s the consequence of not keeping everything so orderly? It feels like it must be something drastic.

But when you think about it in reality there there isn’t any consequence at all, is there.

If clothes and books and papers are strewn everywhere around my room, are you really going to suggest that’s some kind of health hazard? Pretend that’s going to make someone sick?

Fussiness is a huge distraction and time sync, and it generates a lot of purchasing. It keeps you very busy. It keeps your thinking in a certain place all the time. To think about keeping your house clean, you’re constantly going back to that orderly thinking, which does not require much brain power. Where should this go? And where should this go? What task should I do next? What just won’t do?

If you’re thinking about writing a novel, or cooking up some formula for the next big chemical innovation, or you’re waist-deep in research, or thinking deeply at all–you don’t really have time to be orderly.

You can’t be worrying about crumbs on your kitchen counter and composing a symphony at the same time. There’s not enough room in your head.

But if you want to keep your place clean, if you want to be fussy about your car– you don’t let people eat in there–that’s fine of course. (I used to have a policy that in my car no one was allowed to wear shoes. They had to take them off and put them in a little box because I wanted my mats to stay clean.)

That’s fine, but it’s when that little disapproving pout comes out, when you sort of freak and you can’t handle that there is a mess, 

And you respond disproportionately to a mess, to something normal, to something that can be cleaned up or replaced

That’s when it gets gross.

I think what’s gross is the relative weight people are giving things versus other people. When you decide that things are more important than people, to me that’s gross.

So if you’re going to stand up and say to somebody that their shirt has a hole and you don’t like it, you’re going to hurt their feelings for the sake of seeing nicer shirts.

You’ve devalued that person significantly.

Or maybe what’s gross is that we’re not thinking of people at all when we’re in that fussy mode. We’re too upset about the thing.

For example: we don’t worry about what we’re going to talk about at the party or how the people at the party are going to feel, we’re worried about what the people at the party are going to think of our dress.

People can just worry about paperwork too, about things on forms.

You fill out the form, and they want the information to be a certain kind of way–and I understand, I like things to be consistent and orderly, I like good data and all that.

But it’s actually dangerous how big of a deal people make when things aren’t as orderly as they want them to be.

People start hyperventilating, very mildly hyperventilating, and then they get angry. Over a mistake on a piece of paper that can easily be fixed.


It feels like there’s genuine fear there

Many Americans are afraid of the real consequences in their minds for their bra strap showing, or for entering the wrong number on a form.

There are somewhere, some real drastic consequences for these mistakes. That’s what they’re afraid of. They don’t know that’s what they’re afraid of but they feel it.

I mean the consequence of your bra strap showing is …nothing, am I right?

But it sure does feel like you’re afraid of being beaten sometimes, doesn’t it? The feeling is like you’re afraid of imminent pain that never arrives. 

And don’t tell me that’s because your parents beat you up when you were a little kid if your bra strap showed.

I think those people who feel afraid of a mess can’t help it. At some point, someone somewhere was applying drastic consequences to someone for things like this– other when they did them or when you did them– and that created all this fear.

And there’s an obsession with symbolism because this same fear applies if you don’t get the symbolism right. 

But there is no symbolism– it’s just a trick vocabulary anyone can use to make you think anything is going on.

And it’s not a “You’re going to get spanked” kind of fear. It’s a “you could get killed” kind of fear.

I’m not trying to be dramatic, but they kill people for not doing their hair right in China during the cultural revolution.

Not because they cared so much about the hair, but because if you didn’t do your hair right it showed you weren’t drinking the Kool-Aid.

They wanted people focused in a certain direction– their direction, which was fussy and afraid. And they made them very very afraid.

And now that’s been exported to us somehow. We feel that fussiness and it makes us afraid.

I was trying to imagine what it would be like to live inside the head of a person who faces those consequences, and — it would be just unspeakable, right?

Like being in a science fiction movie in real life? With a war going on in their minds and everything is part of it, every movement that anyone makes, every sock that you choose to put on your foot.

And the consequences are desperate. All of this nonsense is very desperate and ultra important. A state of emergency, all the time. And that’s what they’re accustomed to.

Because they could have extreme consequences, even death if they aren’t seen as the right kind of person, if they don’t do the right thing at every moment if they don’t choose the right path.

But all of it is nonsense–very weird minor stuff, like choosing the right breakfast cereal because of what it says about you. Did you choose the breakfast cereal that everybody else is choosing? That the better people are choosing? So that you can be seen as the better people, so that you’ll be allowed to eat at all?

Because if people get the idea that you’re not really with it, you’re going to get left behind, which might mean no food, or physical punishment, or danger for your family.

But it is a violent society and if people don’t think well of you, they will hurt you and your family like they could change your life in dramatic ways. They could say well we’re not going to give you jobs, we’re not going to let you marry, we’re not going to help you in any of these ways.

And that process could start with something like a dress. That’s probably happened to many people.

But, as I’ve said many times, this is America, and we have all kinds of people here. If one person won’t give you a job somebody else will.

So there’s this dependence on a group, but the group is not trustworthy. There’s no safety net and no guarantee you’re going to be allowed to be okay, even if you make only a minor mistake.

So they’re navigating this very strange completely man-made imaginary world all the time –that’s their primary focus. Not the real world.

And that’s crippling emotionally. 

And that’s been exported to us.

It makes sense if you think about it. There was a tremendous amount of violence in Russia under Stalin and in China under Mao and it left a gash on the psyche of the entire world.

You don’t kill hundreds of thousands of people without everyone feeling it somehow. You put that fear into the world and it’s in the world now. It has to be processed, acknowledged, and cleaned up.

It’s not hard. You just have to relax as you slowly figure out that no one here is going to hurt you. Sanity is kind of like our brain’s natural equilibrium you know like we we tend towards the sanity we really want to be seen as human beings we keep moving that way no matter what happens to us

There are just a few crazy people, bad people, who are pretending to be a hegemony. 

It’s not real, especially not here. It’s mostly crap, lies and slight of hand bad people put out to make themselves look scarier and more powerful and tougher than they really are.

If they were that tough they wouldn’t need to put on that act. That sortof trucks rumbling sound–here come the trucks, coming to get you– that strikes fear in the heart of like every living being at this point.

People that talk by hissing and growling.

If you’re actually scary you wouldn’t need to do that. It’s like a show.

Somewhere there are a bunch of weasels behind a curtain.

I’m not trying to tell you to do anything. I’m just saying relax. Maybe relax and make friends.

Making friends is how you build a safety net. Be nice to people who are outside your social circle. Do favors for them. Help anybody who needs it– but don’t help them hurt people. Everything except for that.

The main difference between Indian and fake Chinese Mindreading: Giving Orders

Do what I say!

Why don’t you just ask?

Because you won’t do it.

Then what do you want?

I want it done.

Then you do it.

I can’t.

Why not?

I don’t have time.

I don’t either.

Do it anyway!

You can’t make me.

Yes I can.

I’m telling on you!

There is a saying: Always, always, always think for yourself.

For centuries human beings have taught each other not to listen to aggressive demands. We were taught this by word of mouth, religion, etc.

We are taught instead to listen for the ideas that are patient, kind, polite, and give us options. This is not mysterious or magical — we should only listen to people who are taking our needs into account, as well as their own. People who can’t respect us enough not to make imperious demands are almost sure to want things that aren’t good for us. If it was good for us, they could just ask and we would do it.

Further we should only listen to people who can control themselves. This is kind of the natural purpose of anger, to show us that a person isn’t thinking clearly and that we should factor that in to our interpretation of what they say.

Protect the weak. If they are weaker than you, or sick, or don’t understand — they aren’t a threat, so fighting them is only bullying.

For instance if they are dumb enough to repeat an

Indian mindreaders do not tell people what to do telepathically. Not ever. They do not use the imperative voice. Every idea they offer is optional, a suggestion.

There are many important reasons for this. One is captured in this question:

How many people can give orders at one time vs how many people can think together?

Only 1 person can give orders but infinitely many can think together.

When you are not giving orders you don’t take up any “space” in the mind. When you give orders you not only take up space, you clog the whole mental system, causing it to stop working and making people very dumb!

it was not by accident that fake mind reading focuses so much on giving and following orders. Both are kind of the opposite of what real mind reading is about.

I mean, isn’t it strange that they sort of gloss over the fact that two or more, or many people might try to order the same person around at the same time?

“Um, we were going to tell you… But we forgot…?” –Not sure who

Proxy (Bumfights)

(Back to Reality Part 2)

Hi, I don’t like you, so I hit someone else!

You did? Neat!


Yeah, this is like a game now. Hurt them again.


Ok, here, I’ll hit you, so that you’ll hit them again.

Ouch! Do that again and I’ll hit this other guy again….Ouch! I hit the other guy.


There is a saying: never use proxies. Whoever uses a proxy, becomes one.

If it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter

(Back to Reality Part 1)

Here are your eggs?

My eggs?

Yes, for breakfast.

Isn’t is beautiful, how we eat eggs in the morning, to symbolize cracking open a new day? The yellow sun rising in a white cloud.

Yes dear. Would you like coffee?

Yes, liquid energy! Did you ever wonder why coffee is brown?


It is brown like the earth! The earth spins, so we need to hustle, and that is what coffee is for.

Yes dear.

Energy comes from inside the earth!

You don’t have to convince me, I agree.

Look at this woman posing in this magazine. Her fingers are splayed!

What does that symbolize?

I don’t know but it must mean something! And her dress is covered with tiny oil rigs.

For good fortune?

No, it means she forgot to use conditioner on her hair when she showered.

Oh… let me see that, how much is it?

Too much.

Yes, you are right. 

Darn it! I got a splinter.

Oh no, I’ll get the tweezers.

No! Leave it there. It must be for a reason.

What reason?

To show me.. To teach me.. 

Let me get the tweezers. Oh look, right next to them in the drawer, there are your old reading glasses!

Aha! That is what the splinter is for. To tell me I need to finish my novel today!

You can probably take a class in how to make symbolism up, rapidly, so that it sounds like you knew all of the symbols in advance and you are just seeing them occur, but really you are making up the meanings as you go along.

You should try it. Make up some symbolism as you go along.

The things that matter, matter, and the things that don’t, don’t. If you have to think about why something matters, it doesn’t. Things that matter don’t need additional explanation. They are exactly as they are.

Very often it doesn’t matter if something happens or not. If that’s the case, when it starts to happen, let it. Because why not?

When you add extra meaning to things, you change how people react to them. A splinter should get the reaction a splinter gets. It shouldn’t also be endowed with a deeper meaning. If it does, the reaction is too big (now you have to read a novel), and very quickly the world becomes distorted.

Don’t think extra, I think is how the saying goes.

Thinking extra can make you very sick.

This seems very difficult for people, to let go of this artificial edifice of thinking on top of what’s real. But please try.


Don’t let them see you dancing like that!

Why not?

They’ll think the music and wine have made you out of control.

Who cares? They have!

But —

It is just dancing, right?


So why not dance? This is a party, it is the perfect time. When it’s time to leave I will stop.

There is no way to talk to me

i am not available to be contacted through Ruuh-saay or any similar service and neither is my family. Don’t waste your money and risk getting arrested. While these services do a wonderful job, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with you anyway, if they did connect us.

Further, many many people are not listed correctly and this leads to all sorts of problems. If you try to connect, you’ll end up calling to someone in my family who won’t understand a word you say because they have no clue, and you’ll think we are blocking you from playing when really we are just us, and you’ll get mad, and that gets really painful.

Do not send people my way thinking they can learn things. I understand that is a good way for people to learn, but we are overstretched here– very much so. There are only so many adults in this house, and so much to do. The whole reason I have a freaking blog is so that people can learn without being anywhere near me.

I am not breaking any rules. Nothing is out of control, nothing is being leaked. I can’t tell any secrets because I don’t know any, because I was never told any. Everything was done very carefully and properly.

I am sorry but this is the way it works.

You need to calm down and be nice and then you will get your way.

There is no way to talk to me. There is no way for me to talk to you. That’s why there is this blog.

It doesn’t matter how loud you are.

It doesn’t matter how hard you push.

You are hurting people when you scream at us and push for your way. You endanger people.

It is not that you can’t get near me, it is that I couldn’t hear you if you could.

It is also that trying to talk to me could get you arrested. No one wants that.

Also you are not supposed to talk to me. That is against the rules and could ruin everything. I have plenty more to write about but can’t get the peace and quiet to get it down!

I am not breaking any rules. Nothing is out of control, nothing is being leaked. I can’t tell any secrets because I don’t know any. Everything was done very carefully and properly.

Talk to other people like yourself if you feel you need to talk. Or start your own blog.

Often you only feel you need to talk to me because you are being tricked. Maybe you are in pain or losing your mind, you are enraged or hysterical.

I cannot help you. Do you understand? What do you think I could do?

Talk quietly to someone else and be nice. They can help you.

I don’t have a way to leave comments on the blog because people can be nasty, and I’m not going to help them be nasty.

There was a twitter feed for the blog once, I don’t remember where and I don’t have time to look for it.

If you keep trying to talk to me I will have to stop writing.

How NOT to curse when you speak

Ok so now I get to talk about rap lyrics. :) Let’s do this.

This is a song I like a lot called Quality Control by Jurassic 5.

You want to listen to it, maybe just the first 30 seconds or so? Because I want to talk about it.

I wrote out some of the lyrics. There are some pauses in there that if I had to translate to words I would translate as “motherf**ker” or “motherf**king.” I marked these with –. 

I think it’s interesting that this makes the lyrics pretty much incoherent, if you added the cursing in. If the cursing was there and you heard it, the fact that it makes no sense should make you wonder whether you are listening to what you think you are.

Hey yo my — quality control

— captivates your party patrol — 

Your mind, body, and soul —

For whom the bell tolls 

Let the rhythm explode —

Big, bad, and bold 

B-boys of old 

Many styles we — hold

let the story be told 

Whether — platinum or gold

we use — breath control 

So let the beat — unfold

intro on — drum roll…

There are some other pauses in there that if I had to translate I would translate as “b*tch” or “f**k.” I marked these with `. 

Again, were you to hear these sounds and try to connect them to what is being said, it would not make much sense.

Hey` yo my qua`lity control

ca`ptivates your par`ty patrol 

Your` mind, body, and` soul

For` whom` the bell tolls 

Let` the rhythm` explode

Big`, bad, and` bold` `

B`-boys` of` old` ` 

Ma`ny styles we` hold` `

let` the` story be` told` ` 

Whe`ther` plat`inum` or gold` `

we` use` breath` `  control`

So let` the beat` un`fold` `

in`tro` on drum` roll…

There’s also an emphasis on the first sound in each word, a pretty noticeable extra sound there. I don’t know what any of those sounds might mean, but let’s suppose they’re not that nice.

There’s also an emphasis on the first sound in each word, a pretty noticeable extra sound there. I don’t know what any of those tones might translate to in this scenario, but let’s suppose they’re not that nice.

Hey yo my quality control

captivates your party patrol 

Your mind, body, and soul

For whom the bell tolls 

Let the rhythm explode

Big, bad, and bold

Bboys of old 

Many styles we hold…

Contrast this with what we think of when we say someone talks “smoothly,” an expression that is usually used to describe how people sound when they are lying. Which brings us to


Aren’t you just drawn to Drake’s voice, like there’s something very special about it? I actually remember where I was the first time I heard it. I wanted to pull the car over and stop to listen.  

There is something very special about his voice. There are special effects added to emphasize the fact that

Drake can sing and not curse sometimes.

No seriously, Drake can sing and not make any of these curse tones, sometimes.

The first time he goes through the verse, when he drives up and goes into the basketball court, then the store– that has the curse tones.

But the second time, starting from when he gets to the football field, the same words are sung, but without the cursing ‘tones.’

The rest of the song goes back and forth, as far as I can hear. 

This is something like a miracle, and I’m not sure how it happened. But his smooth tone and clean intros to words sometimes don’t sound like subliminal cursing. And the comparison makes it easier to spot (although I am not entirely sure I’m not just making up the kind of harsh “tone” at the beginning that I am calling cursing).

And a lot of people imitate Drake now. Not that people shouldn’t make curse “tones” in their speech but it is possible someone could misinterpret them and think you are aggressive. If so you are probably used to it.

Here is a guy who is smoother, but still has these intro sounds on many words. Feel free to watch the whole thing.

Here is a woman who has about zero curse tones when she talks.  I like this example because when she talks before the song she’s amazingly smooth, kindof unreal sounding.

She accentuates the opening sound of the words here and there, but mostly eases into each word very smoothly. As soon as I hear her voice I start holding my breath, but that’s just me.

If you have ever wondered why some people like to listen to Bob Dylan sing Bob Dylan songs and other people like to hear the Byrds sing Bob Dylan songs, this could be why LOL. I have heard many times that the Byrds are just “cleaner.” It’s true they keep to the beat more, but definitely there are far fewer of these tones.

I think these curse tones are what made rock-and-roll rock-and-roll, and so controversial, starting with Elvis.

Maybe all these musicians in the US decided one day to add these tones in, back in the sixties, for whatever reason.

I think I prefer them being there. By quite a bit actually.

I don’t know if everyone got the memo that we all sing and talk that way since… 1970 pretty much? Many of us for much longer. So maybe it’s better to learn to be like Drake, so you can have the option to turn it on and off. But I’m keeping mine.

If you want to try not making these curse tones — for Americans it is not normal not to — just for fun:

Hold your breath in your nose, drop your shoulders, and talk like you don’t want anyone to hear what you are saying. Sortof inhale as you speak, like you are trying to take the words back before they go anywhere and make trouble? You know, like you would if you had to say something you really didn’t want to say like “Honey, I hate to tell you this but — I backed your car into your other car… again?”

I do not want to talk about the cat

I took the cat to vet, and the vet oversedated it. What do you want me to do.

We told you not to take the cat to the vet.

Did you do that because you were already planning to kill it or did you kill it to punish me for taking it even though you “told me” not to?

We told you not to take the cat to the vet and you have to listen.

Ignoring the fact that you didn’t answer my question and that what you just said makes no sense, I’ll respond like this — The cat was sick and living in a cage.

But it wasn’t your cat.

It isn’t good to live around sick things. It wasn’t fair to the cat to be living in a cage and sick. It was in pain. I took it to the vet.

It wasn’t in pain.

It couldn’t breathe. It had some kind of polyp in its ear, and underneath the polyp was an infection.

But it wasn’t your cat.

It wasn’t my dog either, that had lymphoma, but I took him to the vet. His neck was so swollen he couldn’t lift his head from the floor and they put him down.
And it wasn’t my pigeon that got left in a cage on the porch to starve.
And it wasn’t my cat that had an open wound from an engine flywheel that wouldn’t heal. The vet fixed that one.
There are more. It was like someone was throwing sick animals at you. They throw sick animals at me. It’s like a rain of roadkill.

We don’t need your help.

Sure you don’t. You are in unbelievable pain. So are the female ones.

I needed that cat. I haven’t been right since it died.

I know. I wanted it to be healthy and the vet said they could fix it. She said she put it down on purpose. Someone told her we couldn’t afford it and that we wanted her to put it down. He used a fake voice. They said she recognized him but she couldn’t call him back.

Things haven’t been right since he died.

It’s terrible. Maybe your headache moved. That can make it feel like things aren’t right.

I don’t think you should have done it.

I didn’t have a choice. I was doing it. It wasn’t right of them to set this up. It was cruel, to put him in a cage and to kill him. But it wasn’t my fault. I took him to the vet, where he needed to be.

The stop sign

Hey, what’s that sound?

It sounds like an ox trying to backpedal.

And also like an Ummmmm… (sliding downwards)

Or an Uhhh (with down and up intonation)

Or I don’t want to.

Or a little slap!. No!. (That usually only comes out if you keep pressing someone to do something they don’t want to. What do you think, would you understand this, or would you hear that slap and attack?)

Or an Uh-uh. With a headshake.

Or a whiny nehhh.

Or if you really pressure them, nonononononono like dancing on hot coals trying to get away from you.

Or hmmMMmmMMmm Nah.

Each one of those sounds means STOP. They mean I don’t like it, what you are doing. That is why I am making this noise, to let you know you should stop that.

Ignore it at your peril.

There’s a saying: That’s a no-no.

Do you like that, ignore it at your peril?

I like ideas like that, I call them chords.* 

Chords are nuanced messages phrased just right so that everyone who hears them will take away the right message for them.

They are in the vox dei LOL which means they are unshakably true.

Do you know other sounds for “stop”? For “no”?

You sicko.

*Other people call them thoughts with echoes, that does not sound like the right name to me.

Wasted thinking

People don’t like to think about things that they already know.

Right? If you already know it, why think about it more?

Of course, if you don’t know it, how can you think about it?

Which means there really isn’t anything to think about.

Which is often refreshing.

Seriously though, we don’t like to think about things we already know unless we’re looking at them in a new way or add something. We know that is a waste of time.

It’s amazing to me that we do though, so often.

People don’t like to think about what others are thinking, unless that is their job.

When there is no way to know what someone else is thinking, there’s not much point in speculating about it.

Better to wait until the other person finds whatever it is they might think about important enough to tell you about it. Then you can know what they think, and respond.

All the time we spend thinking about what does he think, what does she think, is wasted really. Unless it is our job to think about what someone else thinks, because we need to work out a strategy or something similar. But that’s not usually what we are doing. Usually we are just running over the same worried crap, what will he think, what will she think, what did he think…

How about ‘what do I think,’ instead?

Tell me why again there is a code with words that mean that you should hurt someone?

Tell me why again there is a code with words that mean that you should hurt someone?

Tell me… stop trying to distract me and answer. Why?


Side note, why are there so many different words for hurting people? We don’t need any.

But I can think of a hundred off the top of my head. Burning eyes, throbbing ears, itching noses and aching cheeks, chilly feet…. even a nose bleed!

You need these because you do not actually read minds. Because you weren’t allowed to.

These are for tricking Thinkers into doing things because you don’t know other ways to make them do things.

If you make my head itch, that is to make me scratch it. Because you don’t know how to just make me scratch it, the right way.

But why do you care if I scratch my head? Because you want to let someone who can see me know that I am thinking “I don’t know.”

Because they can’t just read my mind and see that for themselves, because no one ever taught them how.

What a waste! And now it is out of control and you are hurting all these people. You learned all the worst words, from criminals. Everyone law-abiding stopped teaching telepathy and it was only the criminals who passed it on. So you learned only how to act like a criminal. But the criminals made money when they did it– and you don’t! You are pantomiming them like a child.

If you learned to read everyone would just do what you wanted. The body stuff was supposed to be for helping people when they were sick. What is wrong with you.

You say it isn’t your fault, someone made you this way.

A lot of people are made this way, and not all of them hurt people.

Are you pretending to be a robot? Why?

Just because people can be forced to do things, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t bad people.

You have to distinguish between who is at fault and who is responsible. If someone forced you, they are at fault, but if you can’t catch them, you are still responsible.

If a rat trips you and you drop your friend’s birthday cake, do you expect the rat to buy you a new one? Of course not. You are responsible for the cake, even though the rat is at fault.

What did you do?

He made me do it!

We don’t care!

We call them parlor tricks.

Every mind is a blend; Evaluate thoughts on their merit

It would not be easy to sort this back out, so let’s not pretend that we can.

Every mind is a blend

Our minds are a blend of ourselves and everyone around us at that time.

Human beings combine their thinking in order to think better.

This is natural and satisfying because a human being’s natural purpose is to improve.

Evaluate thoughts on their own merit

We have to evaluate the idea based on its own merit, weighting heavily it’s impact on the real world. This goes for things we think, say, hear, and read.

It doesn’t really matter where we heard it, or think we heard it, or who said it, or who we think said it.

If it is a good idea that will make things better and makes sense, then it is good. If it is a bad idea that will make things worse or doesn’t make sense, then it is bad.

There’s no way to “trust” certain sources of thought because they could change at any moment, depending on what goes in their blender.


Here in the western world we are taught to think for ourselves and to identify with our thinking.

Finally figured out the answer to that maddening question: “Who am I?”
The answer is “Who cares.”

In eastern countries this is not so much the case. Many people are taught to think for themselves, but each person views their own thinking from a much greater distance. Thinking is more like weather, or digestion– a natural process that we can work with but never really control.

Eastern cultures also focus on the social aspects of thinking much more than we do. Here in the US we live with the illusion that all of our thinking originates in us (and subsequently is our fault).*

There is a field of study called social neuroscience, that has found that people think very differently when they are together than they do when apart. From wikipedia:

In fact, we now recognize the considerable impact of social structures on the operations of the brain and body. These social factors operate on the individual through a continuous interplay of neural, neuroendocrine, metabolic and immune factors on brain and body, in which the brain is the central regulatory organ and also a malleable target of these factors.[6]

Neuroscience research is strange though. They often seem content to report the same findings year after year. The papers read like this: “There are like these areas in the brain? That do things? And it’s complicated? Can’t really say more.”

*When I was in college I wrote a paper for a great philosophy class on ways we know things. I came up with a three-part model, 1) perceptions, 2) reasoning and 3) inspiration. Like a body with a mind and a little satellite dish on top of its head. And I got an A+!


Why are you so LOUD



Whoa.. hey there. How’s it going?


Huh? Is it we or I?


But your voice is extra extra loud. And kind of blurry sounding.


Right.. wait hang on. <pulls down curtain> Gotcha! There are five of you saying the same thing at the same time!

Hey NO FAIR what happened.

If you hear a voice that sounds too loud, it could be too many voices, talking in unison, as if they were one person. Not good!

Leaf cut

So I’m experimenting to find out more about the symbolism behind these clothing patterns.

And you can call me superstitious all you want. Go ahead and do that a few times.

But historically patterns with leaves, especially not overlapping leaves, and with arrows symbolized “cutting pain.”

So I dare you to dig through your wardrobe and find something like that, wear it at prominently in a place where there are lots of people, and see if you develop aches and pains. As an experiment.

Or wear polka dots and see if you feel kind of dopey, or wear zigzags and see if you feel hyper and anxious. Stripes with three colors apparently will make you hypercritical of yourself.

Or pick another pattern and see what happens.I’d avoid anything with bananas and pineapples. Especially together.

Don’t know how to explain it, but it’s interesting to investigate.

I’m trying hard to understand why this code exists. The choice of referents seems a particularly unusual. Why would you need clothing that symbolizes something like “please cut the wearer with a knife”?

So far my best guess is that this code was developed by criminals a long time ago and somehow became mainstream. Prison inmates and gangs do this kind of thing, where they make sure everyone’s wearing the right color or has their shirt tucked in the right way.

I’ve always seen this kind of thing as a test to see whether or not you were drinking the Kool-Aid. Did you see the right show on TV, did you get the memo that said everyone has to roll up their pants cuffs a certain way this year?

Like a little checkpoint to make sure that everybody’s connected to the same communications system, getting (and acting on) the same messages.

Whores for Hire

Hi, welcome to your appointment with Whores for Hire. We accept cash, Venmo or credit card.

Thanks. I just sent the Venmo.

Ok, hold on.. (checking phone). Great. Are you ready?



Hold on. What?

What do you mean what?

What are you doing?

We are doing sex.

Noo, you are making a loud noise.

Yes, that is the sex. You like it. You should do some sex to me too.

What? No, you are just screaming in my face. We both still have our clothes on.

I am blowing your mind. HUBBAHUBB-

What the hell is this? It’s not even phone sex! I think I’ll skip it.



Hello, can I help you?

What is going on here? I paid this..


Yes! And now she’s making some gawdawful racket and calling it sex.

Yes, that is sex.

No, that is not. I am sure.

I am sorry, you do not understand. That is sex, as we have it now. It is less messy than the old sex. People were having too much fun making people have sex, so we invented the new sex for them that is not dangerous.

That seems like a good idea but also… completely crazy? Sex is sex, you don’t get to pick what sex is.

We have. Have a nice day.

Wait, hold on. This is real? Even the name, Whores for Hire–of course they are for hire, they are whores!


It isn’t made up. And you can’t have your money back.

I don’t want my money back. I want to know how you convince a whole bunch of people that something that isn’t sex is sex.

It was for their own good. They understood and so did their parents.

Well, I don’t.

What if we trained people to think that aggression, beating people WAS sex?

What is call-and-respond really for? Knowers’ hidden agenda

Experts learned today that part of the fake mind reading curriculum taught to Knowers includes telling them that Thinkers (non-telepaths) can hear them if you just think about them and shout.

I’m shocked dismayed flabbergasted and practically speechless, ” said one actual telepath. “It’s completely a scam to give one guy control over everyone.”

The widespread call and response protocol, where one Knower reaches out to another person and asks them to carry out a real-world action to confirm that they heard the request, is not a test of whether or not people can ‘hear’.

It is a test of whether the person that you call out to is already controlled by someone who is a Knower.

If they are, the Knowers network as it were will carry the message to the person you’re calling out to.

However, there’s no way for a regular person to hear what you call out to them as a Knower. And we’re not all required to join the Knowers network, are we?

“They present it as if it’s a test to see if someone’s dangerous,” said an ex-Knower. “But really what they’re testing is whether the mind reader who’s controlling you, as a Knower, can also control every other person they come across.”

Because they don’t read minds, Knowers often issue conflicting commands, whether on purpose or accidentally we’re not sure.

Why are they telling them wrong?

“I mean, I guess they didn’t want to tell us it was so these guys who were tricking us could make sure they can control every person in America. That doesn’t sound good.”

as everyone knows, those who do not respond to the call and respond are arrested. The vast majority of those arrested are not telepaths. They’re arrested because the Knowers believe they should be able to hear them.

“I mean, it’s worked for me a few times,” set another ex-Knower. I called out to a Thinker and it seemed like they heard me. “

“I guess that was just a trick in my own mind?”

“I think what’s hard to believe for a lot of people,” said an investigator on the case, “Is that a Thinker can be considered a threat by the Knowers network. They want control of certain people and it’s not always easy for them to get it. So they attacked them in an organized fashion.”

“It’s like a children’s game of cops and robbers,” said another observer. “But the Knowers are being used to do something much more serious. They don’t realize that many of the people that attack are already very well cared for. The people controlling the network drive him or her to get involved, because they’re looking for a fight.”

If it doesn’t start to change after a minute, it’s never going to work

probably because it’s fake

So quit it

sometimes in life we’re required in an emergency to make a drastic intervention

we have to kick bite punch slap scream scratch or run

if we do this for a minute, for 60 seconds, and nothing changes– the intervention is not working and will never work.

if we do this for an hour, we might call it training. But if after an hour, still nothing changes, it never will.

so don’t waste your time

Beating on that same old drum

if after a minute it doesn’t work, you made some kind of mistake. It’s never going to work. Think it over and think of something else to try.

there is a saying: why don’t we do it? Because it doesn’t work

Everyone needs time for research. But be careful when your research impinges upon others — think about how many researchers there are, and how many “tests” each will want to run. Be careful, be minimally invasive, keep it short, and if you don’t see changes right away, drop it!

How to orchestrate conversation between two people when one can’t hear the other

Marco can’t hear Dan, but she can hear Jark. 

Jark can hear and talk to Marco and Dan, but Marco won’t hear Jark talk to Dan and Dan won’t hear Jark talk to Marco.

Let’s see what happens.

Jark: (to Dan) Marco is right here, she’s waiting to talk to you, I told him how important this is.

Dan: (to Marco) Do you have some time to talk?

Jark: (to Marco) You c*nt!

Marco: Shut the f*ck up, no one cares what you say!

Dan: OK, later then.

Jark: (to Marco, in a girl’s voice) That’s not true.

Dan: Did she say she’d killed them?

Jark: (to Marco, in Dan’s voice) That’s not true?

Marco: That’s what she just said, yes.

Dan: <I don’t know what>

Jark: (to Marco) I saw it, I looked at it, it was in front of me, someone showed it to me– which one do YOU say when you look at something?

Marco: I think.. I looked at it? I don’t know which one really.

Marco: (to Jark) That man’s face looks like it’s melting.

Jark: (to Marco) Which man?

Marco: (to Jark) That guy over there, waiting for the bus. I never saw him before.

Jark: (getting Dan) Hold on.

Jark: (to Dan) She says she can remember.

Dan: Marco, who told you about all this?

Jark: (to Marco) Who does he look like? The guy waiting for the bus?

Marco: Oh, my grandfather.

Marco: Oh no, there’s a bad guy yelling at me!

Jark: (to Dan) We found the suspect! Should be right around here somewhere, listen!

Jark: (to Marco) What does he sound like?

Marco: Like this! Muhahahaha

(Dan arrests Marco.)

Dan: They must have a storefront somewhere, for their criminal activities,,,

Jark: (to Marco) There’s a store down the street, do you know which one this is?

(Shows picture)

Marco: Oh, Mom and Pop’s Grocery? They have great lemonade.


So this woman and her boyfriend from down the street

Came by my apartment today

And started torturing my cat

Because they wanted to discuss a bunch of lame stuff I already know

They brought different people with them as examples of things I needed to write about

Goons that tortured my cat for different reasons, what their reasons were

And then they let each of those people torture my cat till it threw up mucus

I couldn’t get them to stop

They were very proud of themselves and how witty they were, and of the different points they wanted to make in the “discussion”

They tortured the cat for about 2 hours maybe two and a half

Before anyone could get them to stop

They couldn’t even understand what I was saying to them

Finally I said what kind of discussion is this

You could just say these things

You could just think about these things

You could write them down your f****** self

You could send me an email

I’m on LinkedIn

But instead the only thing you could think of to do is to torture my cat?

The fact that it only took about two and a half hours puts them at the upper end of the curve in terms of intelligence, as my visitors go

Then I noticed something bizarre

A lot of times I would tell them something and it would just vanish

The woman would cock her head to one side and appear to be thinking about it– then blink a little — then respond as if I hadn’t said anything

This happened half a dozen times tonight

Like she was too smart to not understand my argument — it had to be taken completely away from her if she was going to be able to keep at it

The older I get the more I think Russian culture might enjoy things that are gross, and I find that endearing

It makes me think about Pavlov’s dogs

And this weird thing he’s famous for, the fistula

It’s mentioned every time you read about him, which is weird because he tortured those dogs every kind of way

And all the other things he did to them didn’t get names

But this one has this special fancy name it’s called a fistula

And it’s gross I’m warning you

It’s a hole cut in the throat so that when you eat the food falls right out onto the floor

This woman appeared to have a mental fistula

You’d give her some “food for thought” and she’d start to chew it and it would vanish as if it had never been there

How does that work?

You know what gets me every time

They’re never sorry

It doesn’t occur to them to be sorry

Each goon, after someone talks them down

They want to joke and laugh with me, be friends

It never seems to occur to them that I might be upset

She kept calling goon after goon to come and torture this cat

She’s been torturing it like this for months, 3x a day on a schedule

(Don’t jinx me, it used to be 4 times!)

She makes it very hard for me to write things down

So I told her no way am I having this discussion until you leave my cat alone

And finally I called for help. I screamed for help.

Help came and she told them she’s a level 14 ninja

And no one can do anything about her

That’s how good she is, she tells me

But get this — she’s acting like she’s fighting for some noble cause, rattling off nonsense I’ve said a hundred times or more–and she means it

But I can tell that she’s being used to distract me and keep me from writing

Because she screams louder whenever I try

And I can tell that she’s not aware of that at all

What kind of level 14 ninja is that?

You know what she said finally, she said, I take care of you

Like I owed her

Because I have to listen to her scream every day

This woman has made my life a living hell and now she calls it caring for me

I think this is someone’s exit strategy, trying to take credit for the writing, just jumping on board at the right time

I don’t think it’s going to work, do you?

I remember when they put it in

It was a few years after it all started

They loved it so much

They just sat there and kept yanking things I was thinking away –before I could get back to them to finish them–and laughing.

They call it the level 4 murder.

They told me in some countries everyone has them

Knowers in crisis and the redefined sex: what now?

Thousands have discovered they were lied to for years, and they can’t go back.

Experts are still assessing the extent of the problem of Knowers in America.

“It’s a huge blow to your psyche,” said Isaac AsimovieItWouldStillBeLame, a doctor treating many of the Knowers. “What do we do now?”

Early tests suggest the answer is simple– nothing.

“The fastest way to heal is just to relax,” said Isaac.

Knowers we interviewed describe an invisible, individualized reign of terror, with thoughts of imminent violence, threats to their livelihood and loved ones, or even soldiers and tanks lurking around every corner

“When they said, ‘do what we say or else,’ they were pretty specific,” said (name), an ex-Knower. “They meant that they would hurt us if we didn’t do what they wanted.

“But now we’ve stopped doing anything, and they haven’t hurt us. So far so good!”

Knowers are encouraged to be careful, and to assess the danger to themselves and their families, but there doesn’t seem to be much real threat to them here in the US.

“I guess it was mostly made-up, the threat. The struggle, the danger. It kind of vanished suddenly. None of that seems to have been real,” said (name). “But I have no idea who I am now.”

Early tests show some shocking discoveries. Knowers think more slowly than non-telepaths, because they need to wait to be told what to think.

“Non-telepaths are also less able to resist compulsion better, making them stronger. And they are more able to combine info to get new info, meaning they’re smarter.

“And they’re more ethical, quieter, more reasonable, and have a larger vocabulary, and are much less aggressive.”

So for the record, in descending order of skill, we have Readers, Non-telepaths, and Knowers. It’s a sad testimony to the cruelty of those behind the operation to teach them fake mindreading.

Yet the Knowers believe their conception is immaculate. That’s what they are taught.

“It’s a joke, but it’s not just a joke,” said one former Knower. “Many of us thought it was something divine, that couldn’t make mistakes.”

“I keep kicking myself,” said another ex-Knower. “I remember I had to ask people if they were being sarcastic or not, when they were talking to me. If I was really reading minds that would have been obvious.”

If you as a reader want to share sarcastic jokes to demonstrate this to your friends, we will include some below.

“But how could I realize what was going on before I did?” he continued. “There’s a saying: fixing your own thinking is like trying to open a crate with a hammer that’s inside it.”*

Sarcastic oneliners you can say with a straight face to make people ask if you are being sarcastic

  • Did something bad happen to you, or are you just naturally this terrible of a person?
  • If at first you don’t succeed, stop trying already. You’re probably dumb.
  • Those of you who think you know it all are really annoying to those of us who do.
  • Why do people make end-of-the-world jokes like there’s no tomorrow?
  • Hi there, I’m human. What are you?
  • Always remember: You’re just as unique as everybody else.
  • Tell me what you need, and I’ll tell you how to get along without it since you’re not that bright.
  • This obviously isn’t working out. I think it’s time for us to go our separate ways and start making other people miserable.
  • I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.
  • Oh, I didn’t tell you? Must be none of your business then.
  • Would you rather have a million bucks, or [insert name]’s head full of nickels?
  • Avoid arguments about the toilet seat … use the sink.

I made the redefined sex into another post called Whores for Hire.

*Long live Terry Pratchett

The Other Diane Keaton

The Other Diane Keaton

Lives underground, not in Tucson, Arizona.

The Diane Keaton in the US did not know. She had no idea, no clue. She was never told.

But a girl born underground was named after her and this girl was a real piece of work. I would say she rose through the ranks but really she sort of slithered and was rank.

And the US Diane Keaton has not been the same since. She was already popular!

Would you trade places with me if I was in trouble? Would you ease my pain? My healing?

Because I am not nice. I don’t know what that is, except a joke, right before you hurt someone, to be nice.

Would you pray to God for me, in detail? Learn my name and the names of my captors? Of course you would.

If you need more reason, do it for yourself then? Or your kids. Or their kids, aliens, international trade policy, better pizza, less male baldness, or whatever reason you like. I’m making this up as I go along.

Paralysis can be a conditioned response to micromovenents

Now let’s be careful

Let’s think this through

You have learned a lot

You can do a lot for a lot of people

So if I move your arm

Just a teensy little bit

And at the same time I hold your arm down so that it can’t move

And I ask you to try to move your arm

You will say no, I can’t move my arm, leave me alone!

You’ll be very upset

And then I’ll do this again and again… and again and again and again

Eventually I will not need to hold your arm down anymore

Just that teensy little movement, pressing your arm down against whatever is resting on

Will make you feel like you can’t move your arm

Just focusing your attention on what’s touching your body and flexing those muscles a little bit

Will make it feel like those muscles are paralyzed

But they aren’t

Think of different muscles that are attached to the same limb

Wiggle your fingers

Wiggle your toes

Shake the limb side to side

And then you will be able to move the larger muscles

Why am I so slow?

Because you are so nosy

Things to do about fake Chinese telepathy: Toilet paper

Toilet paper is easy and people like it, so use a lot!

Telepathy must be taught in a particular order. A lot of the early lessons are ethical and teach when and how to apply what’s taught later, so that telepaths aren’t taught to shoot before learning how to aim, as it were, and make only a minimum of mistakes.

But there are a few lessons that are safe for anyone, no matter what their ethical foundation. Knowers might find these interesting.

Imaginary thinking and toilet paper

To use imaginary thinking, think “Imagine that… ” or “I wonder if…” or “Could it be…” or “What if, wouldn’t it be funny if…?” or something similar before thinking whatever else. Instead of thinking, “This is the case,” think “Did you ever wonder if this is the case?”

In imaginary thinking, absolutely anything goes. You can and should speculate and wonder about whatever you want, as long as it is imaginary. Many Readers think only in imaginary thinking to avoid confusion and mistakes. Knowers can try this.

Readers call these little phrases that introduce imaginary thinking “toilet paper” because they keep things clean. (Readers say telepathically sharing your thoughts, any kind of thoughts, with someone else is like handing them your poop. You can at least also give them some toilet paper.)

Everytime Readers think something nonimaginary–something that acts like a real conclusion — they run through a little checklist to make sure it has the right structure and is received properly. This is not necessary with imaginary thinking.

They know what they did

No body wants to be that voice on the phone…

There is a saying to remember when someone makes a mistake or offends you. (Sometimes people offend you correctly, if you have made a mistake for example.)

They know what they did.

Once a person realizes they have made a mistake or offended you, there is no reason to tell them that they have, because they already know that they have. 

Since you aren’t informing them (telling them something new), if you do insist on telling them what they did, you are just going to sound like a jerk. This means that often you won’t need to say anything at all about someone’s mistake, because typically people catch their mistakes pretty quickly by themselves.

Lots and lots of pets commit suicide because of pernicious scrapbooking errors

Yes it is another gross photo, I apologize, needs to be gross

They are calling it Level 2 Murder.

Authorities investigating a clerical error made a shocking discovery today. Millions of pets were registered as pet owners.

Sounds harmless until you think about the effects the stress of being seen as a petowner has on a pet that cannot read or write. Over 10,000 suicides have been found so far.

“I’m particularly cross,” said George Excelpants. “I was responsible for making sure this list was clean and correct, and I don’t appear to have cared at all. Hahahahaha!”

Was it racially motivated? Was it out of some kind of fear? Investigators found one thing all the pets had in common.

Their owners declined invitations to appear in *name’s* scrapbook.

“I am just shy?” said one person who declined to appear. “I don’t like having my picture taken. We were given the option not to appear, and it was right there on the form they sent out that you could opt out.”

“I’d at least like to see their pictures, to see how they’ve changed over the years.” The effects of the clerical errors were devastating on families.

“The pets quickly developed mental health issues, but none of them seemed to care much,” said a watcher. “The physical pain drowned all that out. A lot of the pets couldn’t breathe or see properly, had aches and pains that vets couldn’t fix. The vets were particular pissed off at them actually, because they were told they were neglectful pet owners.

“Not sure how they didn’t notice they were pets and not pet owners.

“Maybe they just knew they weren’t.”

Radiation released a cryptic statement:

every pet with Radiation’s last name is listed as a petowner in this scrapbook

Which makes no sense because everyone knows pets don’t have last names!

One woman made a quick check and found 100 such pets she knows personally, including 3 suicides. And she is just one person.

Quick searches of the database found records that kittens owned their mothers, and found 4 entries in the pet owner database for the same animal– one for each of its legs.

“They are still attached to the dog,” clarified one investigator. “They’re just registered under different names. The left front leg was listed as the owner of 8 pets.”

“We’ve been wondering for years why that dog walked like that,” said one neighbor. It was … disturbing to look at. I guess at some level he internalized that he four legs were recorded as four different people,” said an investigator assigned to the case. “Very responsible people, I guess.”

How did this happen?

It’s true some pet owners were trying to dodge vet bills and simply traded places with their pets.

In other cases the pet was listed as a pet owner to operate like a shell corporation, owning pets for a criminal who did not want to be in the scrapbook either.

Many disobedient pets explained

Pets registered to other pets were owned by criminals that can’t be held responsible for their behavior

This is where it really gets interesting. The pets that were registered as pet owners in the scrapbook were registered with some pets. What happened to them?

Those responsible for the false registration appear to have actually owned most of them. Many of them are caged for aggressive behavior, biting and worse. Several were put down. Others appear to be in extreme pain.

Because of all this, many, many, many, many criminal charges have been brought against their apparent owners, the mis-registered pets who appeared in the database as human beings. Being pets themselves, they were unable to even respond to the charges, let alone address the problems.

“I kept calling and calling and calling the cops,” said one incredibly decent person (name). “I could hear those dogs in there wailing. But usually made no difference, and some times it made it worse.”

Families tied in knots

Other searches showed entire families of animals that appeared to own each other. Using “register multiple limbs as multiple people” trick, puppies appeared to own their siblings and parents, as well as neighbors.

“It’s a nasty way to control a whole mess of dogs with just a few leashes,” said the investigator. “Make them responsible for each other. It looked like they could feel each others pain. Remember that movie the Corsican Brothers? Of course you don’t. I’m getting old.”

Eyes Gouged Shut

This is definitely gross enough so we’ll just say that many of the mis-registered pets appeared to have intentional injuries to their eyes.

Are they becoming human?

Yeah, that’s nice to think about? The magical chiliwangchanga, that every kid has heard of but nope. That’s BS.* They are dogs and cats, on leashes. Some of them are on quite a few leashes. Quite a few. They have serious problems and need more care than regular pets, not less.

“I think some of the people responsible for this put the word out that these pets were turning into people. They actually fed that line to entire cities and towns who willingly handed their pets over. But no, no way. It’s only on paper that they look like that they look anything like humans.”

They do know quite about about pet ownership though. Especially if they have been registered awhile.

Trick photos

Here are some more very stressed out individuals who probably belong in this story: /health/gang-stalking-targeted-individuals.html

*Really well crafted BS isn’t it? Isn’t it exactly what you’d wish for?

When I was in high school I drew a picture of my dad, but his head was his dog. So it looked like his dog wearing a business shirt. It got lost, destroyed somehow. So I drew another one. The idea has always stayed with me.

Everything pretend is bullshit

this is just some academic stuff about how to drive people crazy


I want to control how you feel, when you are alone. How?

I can make you feel sad, and sad, and sad and sad, and then leave.

But whenever I leave you are happy! Darn it!

How about this: I will tell you not to be negative ever, or else we will not like you.

And then I will make you feel sad, sad, sad inside.

And you will pretend to be happy.

Then when I leave and you are happy that I am gone, I will come back and tell you that your happiness is just pretend. When it isn’t.

I will say, go lie to this man for me, tell him how happy you are when I am gone. Do it now.

You won’t stop to think, hey, that’s not a lie!

You will tell him how happy you are, in a sarcastic voice.

He won’t even be real.

I will do this again and again

Until you are no longer sure what happy feels like, because you have pretended to be happy when you were happy and when you were sad now.

My favorite example of this is what they do with guilt.

When you feel guilty for hurting someone, they make you taunt them and pretend to feel guilty. Oh I am soooo sorry, they have you say sarcastically. But you are.

Guilt must go! They do this so much, that I noticed the pattern. Which led to noticing a lot of things.

When you pretend you can vent your emotions without processing them. Eventually you stop having natural emotions.

Or I can tell you a horrific story

That might or might not be real

Initially you feel horrified

But then there’s no resolution to it, the story never ends, but another different one begins

Also horrifying

And another and another – you never find out if any of them are true or not true

And eventually you don’t care anymore, the whole world is pretend

<add: ditch the symbolism>

There’s enough bad stuff in the world. Real stuff. Cancer, drought. 

And then you come along and try to add to it.

But let’s suppose for some reason you want to add to it, You want to make things worse, not in a universal way maybe, but for some particular individual you don’t like for some reason.

So you’ll have to think up something, some way to make things wrong, some way to make things worse than they already are.

But the conflicts and trouble a person creates are fundamentally different from the ones already here.

The trouble you make has to be fake. Because you have to make it. If it was real, you wouldn’t have to make it.

It’s counterfeits and lies and hidden pockets kept cutoff and uninformed, false impressions– lots and lots of misunderstanding. 

In a word, nonsense. All of it. 

So always, with close examination, it vanishes.  With more communication, it vanishes. Like soap bubbles popping.

That’s important to know, when you are fighting man-made problems. That you are fighting what’s not real. That has to be fought, you beat them, you pay.

There’s always a disconnect somewhere, someone who needs to know what someone else already knows. The problem is figuring out what.

To make trouble, you tell one person one version of something and another a different one. Line those up and the problem disappears.

I hope that makes things easier.

I think the phrase is “Give up and don’t” — as in, let it all fall, drop the dramatic narrative with all the metaphors and symbolism, as if you surrendered in the fake war–and get started in the real world, which is in many ways more challenging, but where it is not impossible to win.

Lying is real! And how to spot it

We’ve all heard about it on television and read about it in the history books. 

But experts are now confirming that lying is real. 

I heard someone do it last week, said Lucas Fygoselamac. At first I was like, No way! Then I was like, What? Then I was like No way! But it was real.

“This guy said his aunt had died and he needed $5 for a bus ticket to Philadelphia,” Lucas went on. “I gave it to him and then went into the gas station to buy some coffee.”

“When I came back out he was talking to another dude and I heard him say his uncle had died and he needed $5 for a bus ticket to Trenton.”

Lucas approached the man who said he did in fact need two bus tickets, one to go to his aunt’s funeral in Philadelphia and another to go to his uncle’s funeral in Trenton.

“But I was like no way, because obviously his aunt would live with his uncle. He was lying.”

Lucas called the authorities, who found that the man did have an aunt who lived in Philadelphia and an uncle who lived in trenton, but both were alive and well.

Authorities thanked Lucas, who now seems to be a much different man, for his help.

“It’s a bit embarrassing to think back on that day at the gas station. For some reason I sounded like a brainless goon. I’m feeling much better now, more like myself than I’ve felt in a long time.”

When asked if he ever lied, Lucas responded, “Of course! But that doesn’t mean anyone else would.”

<add story of policeman searching for serial killer using advice from serial killer.. “I didn’t expect him to lie!”>

How to tell when someone is lying

Whenever we lie, we have to store the story that we tell.

The longer the story gets the more we have to store.

Also our brain sort of intuitively checks to see if our story is being believed, if it is believable.

There is a saying: There is no reason why any thought should be true ever.

Found your leak, boss!

More revealed in Split Screen case: Gregoridiarrrr had Omeprazole registered as his supernatural guardian

Found your leak, boss!

Unbeknownst to Omeprazole, who did not know such a thing was possible, Gregoridiarrrr (whom Omeprazole thought did not exist) registered Omeprazole as his legal supernatural guardian several years ago.

Omeprazole was also registered as the supernatural guardian of several other people, including himself.

“Not only does Gregoridiarrrr exist, he is the mastermind behind the Petkicker virus,” said Darisxa Maconishle, who continues to investigate the case. He hacked his way through the interview for the supernatural guardian registration, which was conducted via crystal ball. He generated fake responses from Omeprazole using his then new Petkicker virus.

Meanwhile Omeprazole doesn’t even have a crystal ball. 

“He’s not a witch,” said Maconishle. “He is just a guy who is obsessed with tea. But we noticed, watching him over the past two weeks, he never makes any!”

Indeed Omeprazole’s tea obsession is making more sense now. Gregoridiarrrr has been frequently suing him for supernatural neglect for years– and Omeprazole never had a clue.

“Omeprazole had Supernatural Protective Services (SPS) all over him for years,” said Maconishle. “Without knowing what they were. Of course he developed an obsession with tea.

“He was trying to figure out how to get SPS and Gregoridiarrrr– whom we’ve found, he does exist–to leave him alone. He thought if he learned enough about the tea he could do that.

“And witches’ tea isn’t meant for people who aren’t witches. Of course he was quite sensitive to it and had strong reactions.”

And indeed it appears to have been Gregoridiarrrr who created Omeprazole’s tea obsession in the first place. Because he was listed as Gregoridiarrrr’s supernatural guardian, when Omeprazole mail ordered regular tea he received tea crafted for witches.

“If you are on the list as a witch, you get tea for a witch,” said one supplier. “It doesn’t matter what you ordered. We check the list. 

“It’s important that all witches drink proper witch tea, at every moment, even if they say they don’t want it. Especially if they say they don’t want it!” 

Drink up!

Thousands of other suppliers who shipped witches’ tea to Omeprazole said something identical. 

Witches’ Brew

So what is witches’ tea like?*

“It’s very potent, packs a serious punch. It kills most people who aren’t witches,” said Maconishle. “Although it can take months or even years to do so. Meanwhile it just makes you miserable and despairing.”

“The taste is very bizarre,” said Omeprazole. “Once in a while you get some that is just beautiful, but that is very rare and mostly me being polite. I f***ing hate it and never want to think about it ever again.

“Always was a coffee drinker anyway.”

Gregoridiarrrr sat as close as he could to Omeprazole throughout Omeprazole’s testimony, saying “Good one!” when he finished answering a question and trying to high-five him while Omeprazole flinched away.

When Omeprazole told the court he had been a coffee drinker, Gregoridiarrrr sortof whisper-yelled at him “Tell them you were a coffee drinker! They’ll definitely fall for that!”

The judge stopped the proceedings.

“But that’s what he just said,” she said. “Why are you pretending that you are telling him to say that, after he just said it?”

Gregoridiarrrr just glared at her.

The entire situation is less confusing than we’d thought, based on Omeprazole’s earlier testimony with the whiteboard. Which makes a lot of sense, because how would he know? The man has no crystal ball. 

Gregoridiarrrr just wanted to trade places with Omeprazole sometimes, to hide out when witches were searching for him for his other crimes. 

With Omeprazole registered as his supernatural guardian, Gregoridiarrrr could assume a false identity as Squeaky McShivers, the fake name he gave when he registered himself as Omeprazole’s supernatural dependent.

Forcing Omeprazole to drink witches’ tea all the time seemed like a small price to pay for the convenience of being able to hide whenever necessary.

“Can you picture this guy, hacking the crystal balls of the registars and everyone watching, and hexing Omeprazole to get him to say the right words at the right time, all while pretending to be a different person who wasn’t a witch? He’s a real piece of work.”

To witches going by the list, Omeprazole was a witch, so he was not allowed to have a supernatural guardian. Witches from the community tried to check in on him and help, and many were censured for doing so. 

“Gregoridiarrrr was quick to report us to the standards board for whatever he could come up with,” said one witch who helped Omeprazole put down his cup of witches’ tea for a few seconds and eat something. “He said Omeprazole was stubbornly refusing to act like a witch and we shouldn’t help him.”

Authorities are investigating the scope of Gregoriadarr’s fake supernatural guardian network. And whether this type of crap is a nationwide practice.

Checklist from earlier blogs (for readers interested in extra credit) 

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  • animals from undesirables list
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  • Knowers who need to start their education over (many need therapy first)

Or maybe you want to design replacements for the systems and processes that created the above!

There is a saying:

I made a list, I put you on it.

Is it a good list?

We’ll see.

*Sorry this is turning out to be more about the tea than the trial, someone’s obsessed.