Just ask; It’s ok to explain; All thinking is ok

Tell me more about that…

If you want something just ask

If you need something just ask

I will be so happy to tell you

I like to help

Knowers are not into asking questions. They are told that asking questions means their “power” is weak.

This is obviously a trick to keep them ignorant and fighting with everyone. Just ask, Readers, Knowers, and Thinkers, for what you’d like or what you need, like the poem says. You will feel so much better.

There is a saying: ask a lot of questions and you will be quite smart.

Here are some questions from me: why would you hurt someone to get their attention? Or hurt someone to get someone else’s attention?

Who taught you to do this?

Why don’t you just ask people for what you want, or clear your throat loudly?

It’s ok to just explain

“Show don’t tell” is this idea that you have to prove things to people, that you have to show them what you mean, often by hurting them somehow. You could teach me about death by killing my goldfish for example.

“Show don’t tell” is only for animals*, because they don’t understand. Sometimes teachers use it to make lessons stick better — but they never hurt people to show them something. There is no rule that you have to show people instead of telling them, it is just a nice thing to do sometimes to help them understand. But there are many rules about not hurting people.

You can just tell Readers what you want them to know. You don’t have to act it out. That was for Knowers– they needed proof because they had no way to tell if you were lying. The Readers will know you aren’t lying because they can actually read your mind, and the Thinkers believe everything anyone says (within reason) so don’t worry about it.

Just tell people what you want them to know. They have brains, they will understand. You don’t have to beat it into them. (I think someone might have tricked you into thinking you had to beat people in order to teach them things. That was a dirty trick. For some people, all roads lead to the same outcome — you being violent.)

And for heaven’s sake don’t beat them and wait for them to guess why! Just tell them what you want them to know.

All thinking is OK

Knowers listen for sounds, sounds that trigger them to attack. These sounds represent feelings, moods, personality traits, insults, whatever.

But why does it matter what sound someone makes, or what someone thinks? It’s not going to hurt anyone. Let them go ahead and think it. Why not?

There is a famous example of a guy who thinks about murder and gets in trouble. But he says, No, I wasn’t thinking about murdering anyone myself. I was thinking about unicorns murdering someone.

Ohh, says everyone. That’s different.

But it’s not. All of our thinking could be about unicorns. Thinking isn’t real, and all thinking is good.

People make a distinction between thinking and ideas.

Thinking is involuntary, like digestion. And digestion is good. Thinking never stops and changes direction a lot. It is like a blur.

Ideas are involuntary for Thinkers and Knowers, but intentional for Readers. People “have” ideas. They can be put into words. Ideas can be good or bad, but even when they are bad, they are still pretty harmless.

Bad Idea Jeans (SNL) The movies I include get taken down a lot.

*It also can be nice for poetry. Poetry is rather different from what we are talking about here.