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The Lowest Common Denominator

How are ya, let me tell you something.

Simple, yet I think important, simple thing.

Don’t listen to people just to be nice to them— understand? Don’t do what other people suggest, just to be nice. Do you know why?

See- in the market of ideas, that’s a major inefficiency. If you want to do things well; if you want to progress; if you want what’s best for everybody, obviously consider other people and consider others opinions — always — listen, get as much information as you can but don’t let the source have feelings that actually aren’t. Don’t, for instance, follow people, because you want them to think you think they know the best way, when I know a better way— GO THE BETTER WAY.

The people will say nothing, probably, afterwards— you are going to get there first and you can just leave it at that. Or if they ask, where were you, you weren’t behind me, say: I KNOW A BETTER WAY. I can’t remember the last time I was offended when someone turned down a suggestion of mine, you know, because they had a better idea. SHOW OFF is what I’m saying; when you know better, SHOW IT OFF. Do you know why?

Because how is anyone going to learn, unless you show them? Because otherwise, the math is pretty clear, we’re all moving towards the lowest — FFFFF — the lowest place which we could be, which people often call the lowest common denominator, which is not an accurate analogy, but I guess in common parlance, the lowest common denominator does not mean the lowest common denominator anymore, it means the minimum — but it sounds better. But we just say ‘the lowest common denominator’ when we mean ‘the minimum’. Do you know why?

Because other people said it, and we didn’t correct them; because we said, that’s alright dude; I like you; if you want to use elementary school math analogies wrong, then I’m not going to correct you, because I don’t want to hurt your feelings, and now WE ALL SAY LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR. Instead of minimum. I should explain again why that’s especially interesting, but I just won’t, because I can’t be bothered.  Somebody write all that* down, and put my name under it. Thank you.

*You knew it already, didn’t you, so don’t bother reading. Whoops! Too late.