The SleepAnywhere Standing Bed

Press Release

The latest SleepAnywhere Standing Bed V3 integrates consumer feedback from earlier designs and leverages a newly expanded, wider satellite protection network. Now you can stand and sleep in more places, with more comfort, for a longer time, with fewer interruptions.

The folded size of the newest model is 4.23″ x 6.78″ x 9.12″, allowing for more choices of blankets, or even a quilt.

Promotional ZZZUnlimited Sleep Plans start from just $3,250 a month. Z10,000 minute plans are available for just $995.

The SleepAnywhere Standing Bed makes sleep anywhere. Comfort, stability, safety, and sleep. Anywhere.

*SleepAnywhere Standing Bed may not be used on or near roadways. For reasons of politeness, we recommend not using your SleepAnywhere Bed in business establishments or the residences of others, where people will overhear you sleeping. Airports are great; so are sidewalks. The SleepAnywhere Standing Bed will not function if satellite protection is not available, for safety reasons.

*Holding a SleepAnywhere Standing Bed close to your body causes cancer, even when it is not operational. Doctors recommend not using the SleepAnywhere Standing Bed at all, but definitely not for more than 1 hour a day.

*The battery of the SleepAnywhere Standing Bed V3 lasts up to 3.5 hours.