Rebuttal: manufacturers claim clothes patterns for pain are for “keeping things level”– but none of them are for helping people feel better

When asked why so many clothing patterns indicated the wearer should be subjected to pain or otherwise treated badly, manufacturers responded that this what part of a greater plan to “keep things level.”

“No one should be too good, or too bad, too clever, or too dense,” said a spokeman. “The patterns help adjust the what people experience so no one pulls too far ahead or pulls too far behind.”

Oh really? Then where are the patterns that show that people need a leg up or a helping hand? 

In general, this “keeping things level” rationale is a bunch of crap for one reason– no one ever applies it to justify helping someone. How can it be for keeping things level if it only makes things worse?

It’s just a story to make you feel better when you hurt people — I didn’t tell you to fall for it!