Tell me again why there are code words that mean that you should make someone hit someone?

(computer crashed when I tried to post this earlier– had to rewrite it. Movie I was watching kept streaming the whole time, so it wasn’t a network issue. )

Tell me why again there are code words that mean you should hurt someone?

Tell me.. stop trying to distract me and answer.


And why should there be so many different words? I can think of a hundred off the top of my head. For itching noses, burning eyes, a chill, throbbing ears, heartburn, 5 kinds of sore throats, 12 kinds of stomach aches, numbness..

What, do you think I’m comatose? That’s what I would have to be not to notice what you do to me!

These words aren’t for you Knowers to pretend to fight with each other. What are they for?

And why so many?

You need these because you do not actually read minds. Because you weren’t allowed to. These words are for tricking Thinkers into doing things because you don’t know other ways to make them do things.

You make someone’s head itch, so that they scratch it. Because you don’t know how to just make them scratch it–the right way.

And why do that? So you can tell another Knower who is watching that person that they are thinking “I don’t know.” Because you don’t know how to tell them telepathically– the right way.

Because Knowers can’t read and hear this for themselves.

Or for a kid who drinks too much alcohol, you could make him vomit and scare him, maybe keep him from dying from too much alcohol in his system.

But vomiting is different–very different from code words for “cut him” or “choke him” or “burn him.” Those won’t help anyone. Whatever they might communicate could be said another way, without hurting anyone.

What are we supposed to think you think you are doing?

These words come from criminals. What a waste! And now it is out of control and you are hurting all these people. You learned all the worst words, from criminals. They were the only ones who kept telepathy alive in your country– everyone else stopped teaching it because it was against the law.

So you learned all their words. You are trying to be like them, but they only taught you a little of what they know. They didn’t want you to know any of the real stuff because you might become a threat to them. They never taught you to defend yourself mentally.

So now you commit crimes for them and act like a criminal. But the criminals made money when they did it– and you don’t!

You are like children, pantomiming, not knowing why.

You just do what they tell you. While they make you feel like a rebel.

If you learned to read everyone would just do what you wanted. The body stuff was supposed to be for helping people when they were sick. In emergencies, like when they were too drunk to think. What is wrong with you.

You say it isn’t your fault. Someone made you this way.

A lot of people are made this way, and not all of them hurt people.

Are you pretending to be a robot? Why?

Just because someone can force people to do something, that doesn’t mean there aren’t bad people.

There is a difference between responsibility and fault. You have to distinguish between who is at fault and who is responsible. If someone forced you, they are at fault, but if you can’t catch them, you are still responsible.Sometimes you are still responsible for things that aren’t your fault.

If a rat trips you and you drop your friend’s birthday cake, do you expect the rat to buy you a new one?

What did you do?
He made me do it!
We don’t care!

Parlor tricks keep Knowers busy. Knowers should take back what was taken from them by learning to read.

The group of Knowers make themselves so obvious! They can’t help it, they weren’t told enough to know to be careful, and they are Knowers, so self-preservation doesn’t always occur to them. But they carry on if anyone notices them– like the rest of the world should have to help them hide all their mistakes.

There’s no reason for these words to exist. You shouldn’t punch a guy out, but if you have to, it should be because he pissed you off. Directly. You, not someone else. And be prepared to accept the consequences.

But these code words are like little orders, from a general you can’t see, who’s sometimes isn’t even around to explain why. Their purpose is to trick you into hurting people you otherwise would not.

These words should go away. People can decide to ignore them and they will disappear.

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