Tell me why again there is a code with words that mean that you should hurt someone?

Tell me why again there is a code with words that mean that you should hurt someone?

Tell me… stop trying to distract me and answer. Why?


Side note, why are there so many different words for hurting people? We don’t need any.

But I can think of a hundred off the top of my head. Burning eyes, throbbing ears, itching noses and aching cheeks, chilly feet…. even a nose bleed!

You need these because you do not actually read minds. Because you weren’t allowed to.

These are for tricking Thinkers into doing things because you don’t know other ways to make them do things.

If you make my head itch, that is to make me scratch it. Because you don’t know how to just make me scratch it, the right way.

But why do you care if I scratch my head? Because you want to let someone who can see me know that I am thinking “I don’t know.”

Because they can’t just read my mind and see that for themselves, because no one ever taught them how.

What a waste! And now it is out of control and you are hurting all these people. You learned all the worst words, from criminals. Everyone law-abiding stopped teaching telepathy and it was only the criminals who passed it on. So you learned only how to act like a criminal. But the criminals made money when they did it– and you don’t! You are pantomiming them like a child.

If you learned to read everyone would just do what you wanted. The body stuff was supposed to be for helping people when they were sick. What is wrong with you.

You say it isn’t your fault, someone made you this way.

A lot of people are made this way, and not all of them hurt people.

Are you pretending to be a robot? Why?

Just because people can be forced to do things, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t bad people.

You have to distinguish between who is at fault and who is responsible. If someone forced you, they are at fault, but if you can’t catch them, you are still responsible.

If a rat trips you and you drop your friend’s birthday cake, do you expect the rat to buy you a new one? Of course not. You are responsible for the cake, even though the rat is at fault.

What did you do?

He made me do it!

We don’t care!

We call them parlor tricks.