First step in telepathy: no talking (be quiet and find the river)

You no doubt have heard many times that your mind is like a river, always flowing. 

But Knowers get bottled water, that’s packaged up, with a printed label wrapped on it. They call this “talking”– they scoop up some ideas from the river, decide how to say them, and throw them at someone.

The packaging might be in words or it might not. The person who gets the bottle has to pick it up (listen to it), and drink it (think about the idea). But because they are ideas and not really water, what they drink might not be the same as what was scooped up from the river. You hope it is the right water that they thirst for, but you can’t be sure.

And you get used to this, packaging, packaging, packaging. You get packages too, to open up.

But you still have a river, flowing in the background of your mind. What is so fun is to stop making and receiving or drinking bottled water and just listen to the river for a while. It is just like the packaged thinking you have been doing, but effortless. You just do nothing, and the thinking keeps happening, because you were thinking the whole time. It’s what you think when you don’t mean to think of anything.

That’s where Readers spend all their time, in that river. 

That artificial thinking should go away. You don’t want or need it. It is a great relief not to have to talk to anyone. Over time you can learn to read everything you want to know from the river. Meanwhile, probably most people are happy to find out they don’t need to do anything. In fact we prefer that you don’t do anything. That is the first step to becoming a mind reader.

I am not a telepath but feel pretty confident this would be a good first step. I used to watch this movie every day. It is very corny but you might like it. That was 15 years ago.