Second largest difference between Indian and fake Chinese Mindreading: Repeating ideas

The Knowing system relies heavily on repeating ideas. When two Knowers communicate with each other, the Sneak, the hidden Reader who makes it all happen, must repeat what each one said to the other.

And whenever a Knower is told what a non-telepath is thinking, the Sneak must repeat the ideas to the Knower.

But in Indian telepathy, repeating an idea is gross. It is effectively… eating someone else’s poop. Yes. Sorry but that is what it is. It will make you sick. It seems to have had that effect on lots of people.

So how do people know what’s going on then? Well, Readers insist on hearing everything first hand. They see telepathy as like sex. Very like sex. Turn intensity down 10 clicks because like sex too much, different world.

Readers insist on hearing everything firsthand. They see telepathy as like sex, and you wouldn’t try to use someone else to have sex, that is gross.

So they generally tend to stay closer to home, and spend time with their family and friends, almost exclusively people that they know in real life, for safety. The world is full of con-men. They are everywhere. Readers might dial out long distance in an emergency.

But they do insist on hearing things firsthand.

Why do some people repeat everything you say to them outloud?

Did you ever meet someone and that repeated everything you said to them? A murdered person, probably. Someone thinks that the Thinker is a Knower or Reader that can’t hear, and is repeating to them everything that is said out loud like subtitles, trying to help them. But the Thinker doesn’t realize this.