If it doesn’t start to change after a minute, it’s never going to work

probably because it’s fake

So quit it

sometimes in life we’re required in an emergency to make a drastic intervention

we have to kick bite punch slap scream scratch or run

if we do this for a minute, for 60 seconds, and nothing changes– the intervention is not working and will never work.

if we do this for an hour, we might call it training. But if after an hour, still nothing changes, it never will.

so don’t waste your time

Beating on that same old drum

if after a minute it doesn’t work, you made some kind of mistake. It’s never going to work. Think it over and think of something else to try.

there is a saying: why don’t we do it? Because it doesn’t work

Everyone needs time for research. But be careful when your research impinges upon others — think about how many researchers there are, and how many “tests” each will want to run. Be careful, be minimally invasive, keep it short, and if you don’t see changes right away, drop it!