Leaf cut

So I’m experimenting to find out more about the symbolism behind these clothing patterns.

And you can call me superstitious all you want. Go ahead and do that a few times.

But historically patterns with leaves, especially not overlapping leaves, and with arrows symbolized “cutting pain.”

So I dare you to dig through your wardrobe and find something like that, wear it at prominently in a place where there are lots of people, and see if you develop aches and pains. As an experiment.

Or wear polka dots and see if you feel kind of dopey, or wear zigzags and see if you feel hyper and anxious. Stripes with three colors apparently will make you hypercritical of yourself.

Or pick another pattern and see what happens.I’d avoid anything with bananas and pineapples. Especially together.

Don’t know how to explain it, but it’s interesting to investigate.

I’m trying hard to understand why this code exists. The choice of referents seems a particularly unusual. Why would you need clothing that symbolizes something like “please cut the wearer with a knife”?

So far my best guess is that this code was developed by criminals a long time ago and somehow became mainstream. Prison inmates and gangs do this kind of thing, where they make sure everyone’s wearing the right color or has their shirt tucked in the right way.

I’ve always seen this kind of thing as a test to see whether or not you were drinking the Kool-Aid. Did you see the right show on TV, did you get the memo that said everyone has to roll up their pants cuffs a certain way this year?

Like a little checkpoint to make sure that everybody’s connected to the same communications system, getting (and acting on) the same messages.