Paralysis can be a conditioned response to micromovenents

Now let’s be careful

Let’s think this through

You have learned a lot

You can do a lot for a lot of people

So if I move your arm

Just a teensy little bit

And at the same time I hold your arm down so that it can’t move

And I ask you to try to move your arm

You will say no, I can’t move my arm, leave me alone!

You’ll be very upset

And then I’ll do this again and again… and again and again and again

Eventually I will not need to hold your arm down anymore

Just that teensy little movement, pressing your arm down against whatever is resting on

Will make you feel like you can’t move your arm

Just focusing your attention on what’s touching your body and flexing those muscles a little bit

Will make it feel like those muscles are paralyzed

But they aren’t

Think of different muscles that are attached to the same limb

Wiggle your fingers

Wiggle your toes

Shake the limb side to side

And then you will be able to move the larger muscles

Why am I so slow?

Because you are so nosy