Lying is real! And how to spot it

We’ve all heard about it on television and read about it in the history books. 

But experts are now confirming that lying is real. 

I heard someone do it last week, said Lucas Fygoselamac. At first I was like, No way! Then I was like, What? Then I was like No way! But it was real.

“This guy said his aunt had died and he needed $5 for a bus ticket to Philadelphia,” Lucas went on. “I gave it to him and then went into the gas station to buy some coffee.”

“When I came back out he was talking to another dude and I heard him say his uncle had died and he needed $5 for a bus ticket to Trenton.”

Lucas approached the man who said he did in fact need two bus tickets, one to go to his aunt’s funeral in Philadelphia and another to go to his uncle’s funeral in Trenton.

“But I was like no way, because obviously his aunt would live with his uncle. He was lying.”

Lucas called the authorities, who found that the man did have an aunt who lived in Philadelphia and an uncle who lived in trenton, but both were alive and well.

Authorities thanked Lucas, who now seems to be a much different man, for his help.

“It’s a bit embarrassing to think back on that day at the gas station. For some reason I sounded like a brainless goon. I’m feeling much better now, more like myself than I’ve felt in a long time.”

When asked if he ever lied, Lucas responded, “Of course! But that doesn’t mean anyone else would.”

<add story of policeman searching for serial killer using advice from serial killer.. “I didn’t expect him to lie!”>

How to tell when someone is lying

Whenever we lie, we have to store the story that we tell.

The longer the story gets the more we have to store.

Also our brain sort of intuitively checks to see if our story is being believed, if it is believable.

There is a saying: There is no reason why any thought should be true ever.