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S Express – Theme From S Express

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Yazz – The only way is up!

What songs in the charts talk about getting evicted from your house. None! The 90’s ruled. Love the squidgy bassline in this one. This was the moment Street music met Rave and exploded!

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Dmob – We call it Aciiiied!

This was so funny when it came out and went into the charts. One of the first Acid mainstream tunes. ‘If you thought it was a drug – now you know you’re wrong’ – ‘Get right on one Matey!’ Oh … Continue reading

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Green Velvet – La La Land

Yes, A lot of people reckon that GV has gone ‘a bit shit’ since his mental dark journeys of Flash, The Stalker and Leave my body (check these out on YT). But face it! This is a great song and … Continue reading

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Baby Ford – Children of the Revolution

A rave version of children of the revolution which is possibly one of the worst ideas anyone has had in the last 30 years!

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