ACC say “NEIN” to the N.F.

Aberdeen City Council has rejected the Scottish NATIONAL Fronts application to have a Jackbooted, hand in hand, romantic evening stroll from The Adelphi to Union Terrace Gardens to protest against the SNP setting up their right-wing political party on Hitler’s Birthday and stealing the day from them.

What, no party for little old me?

The Scottish NATIONAL Fronts are very keen indeed to capture back the RIGHT from the RIGHT and are declaring a large and loud NEIN! NEIN!! NEIN!!! to the Scottish NATIONAL Party’s blatant cashing in on their dead celabrity’s birthday fame.

This is of course all in the run up to May’s local elections where the Scottish NATIONAL Fronts are running against the Scottish NATIONAL Party. They hope to reclaim the Führer’s birthday all for their lonesome selves and win some seats of MIGHTY, MIGHTY power! Lets hope if they do win they have some cunning plans on how to remove Aberdeen City Council’s massive debt of £0.5 BILLION (I Doubt it – Ed).

"Underneath the lantern by the barrack gate"

Outside the local licensing committee meeting, after the march was banned, Wee Barry “bawbugz” McSwastika from the Aberdeen branch of the Scottish NATIONAL Fronts told this reporter  “Right, ken…we’re nea happy wi the Scottish NATIONAL Party claim’in the rights teh cut loose n’ perty on Hilter’s  – Zieg Heil! – birthday, Ken. We’re nea Nazis or that, ken, bit unless we’re givin back Hilter’s  – Zieg Heil! – birthday so we kin heh oor ain perty there is a very real risk o’ Muslamic tourists wi rayguns and shireeeahaaz laws tak’in ower, ken”.

Unperturbed and unhindered by intelligence, decency, local regulations and law the Scottish NATIONAL Fronts may still attend in some form;  possibly in the form of a small angry group of fat middle aged men with short hair cuts and low intelligence looking nervous, surrounded by Grampian’s finest (possibly, even Aberdeen’s brand spanky new Riot trained extra special trained Riot Squad or A.B.S.N.R.T.E.S.T.R.S. as they are known locally) and treating local late night shoppers and early evening drunks to such white power classics as “Springtime for Hitler and Germany” and “Underneath the Lamplight”.

"Spring Time for Hitler & Germany"

An alert and keen Antifa have assured this very nervous reporter that they will be on the streets just in case.

Stay tuned dear readers for more details.

Words by Geronimo Farquhar II (local council reporter).



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