Network 23 is now a network set up to give out free blogs / websites.

These sites are free to those who are working for Freedom. If you want a blog get in touch with us. Let us know a couple of lines telling us now your project is working towards Freedom. Freedom of speech, Freedom of movement, Freedom of expression. Be that through political activism,  musical, computer code, community or artistic projects, all are welcome. Just let us know.

How do I get a site?

Go visit the Sign-Up Page – https://network23.org/sign-up/.
Fill in the form with your details, giving as much information as you can, and accept the terms and conditions: https://network23.org/terms-conditions/.  We will then set you up with a WordPress site on the web address (aka URL) https://network23.org/yoursite – so please let us know of the address that you want for your site.

If you have any problems using the Sign-Up form, drop us aline at our administration mailing list – dev23-admin [at] lists [dot] riseup [dot] net – Please email us from a secure email if you can.

What will my site do?

There are a limited number of plugins that are installed which give your site the following functionality.

  • Events Calendar
  • Embedding Video from other sites
  • Uploading short audio reports
  • Embedding longer bits of audio from other sites
  • Photo Blogging
  • Cross posting to Twitter / Status net etc
  • An aggregator to bring different feeds together

What will my site NOT do?

This is a free resource that we need to share out amongst ourselves.  There’s the capacity for all your text content, file uploads, images, and audio; but we do ask that you take note of the following:

  • No uploading video directly to the site: it’s just too big and it’ll soon swamp our current resources: we recommend London Indymedia or Northern Indymedia for this, and of course you probably already know of the some other more oft-used video sharing sites out there on the net that we won’t mention here ;)  You can embed or link to video uploaded elsewhere to your Network23 site, so it’ll end up looking the same anyway.
  • We can handle audio, but ask that you don’t upload files of more than 5 megabytes (MB) directly to your site: we recommend archive.org for doing this.

We provide you with up to 150 megabytes of on-line storage with your new blog by default. Should you require me space then please email us to ask for more as and when you need it; we’ll allocate space to people as an when it’s requested and depending on how much we have.

Privacy Policy

We have a policy of no unnecessary data retention. However your email address is stored on the server to send you password resets and to contact you. If you can be traced by your email address then this data may end up in the wrong hands if the server were to be seized. Be aware of this.

Take down notices

If we receive a legally binding take down notice then we will comply and remove your site. However if there are just threats then we will contact you and try to support you. If after a court order  you wish to continue to fight this take down notice, at this point you may have to lose anonymity to come out and fight your corner. Or you can make a decision to find other hosting and we can help you do this too.

In other words we don’t guarantee to keep up a website if there are serious legal implications AND protect your anonymity at the same time. This may change if we find people who are prepared to do that legal work.

Links to partner projects