March to nowhere?


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It’s been a busy weekend for Brighton Antifascists, despite the March for England not even trying to hold their annual crap-fest of a march this year.

The weekend began early with “Pompey” Dave Smeetyon (leader of March for England) and about 10 of his sad looking mates turning up in town  on Thursday to celebrate St Georges day by doing a quick photoshoot on the pier then spending the rest of the evening hiding in the beer garden of the King & Queen, checking nervously over their shoulder in case antifascists turned up. Despite various threats they didn’t try going within 100m of the Cowley.



On Saturday, some Brighton Antifascists made the long journey to Blackpool to oppose the actual, relocated, March for England, alongside 70 or so antifascists from London, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham and further afield.

Despite lots of big talk beforehand about hundred and hundreds of nationalists turning up, only about 40 actually made it to the march, with other, smaller groups wandering between pubs. Around 25 yards into their march, antifascists blocked the route, leading to the police turning the MfE around and ending their march. That was it, 40 people marching 50 yards in the pouring rain. Even the “commie hunters” who didn’t go on the main march failed, getting themselves nicked after trying to start a fight with some antifascists right in front of the old bill.

Sieg Heils at the “family friendly, not racist” March for England.

The march was notable for the fact that, despite organiser’s promises of a “family friendly, non-racist” day, neo nazis and white pride wankers were everywhere. Even fascist wannabes National Action turned up, took a photo (and a nicking) and went home again.

National Action looking kinda sad.

Even the fash are admitting it was a terrible day. Far-right facebook pages are full of posts complaining about the whole day being a washout, including this gem:


And this one:


After the “demo” was over, antifascists marched the route the fascists hadn’t managed to complete, took a quick photo, then headed home, safe and with no arrests.

The victorious antifascist bloc.

On Sunday, StopMfE hosted a community picnic on the Level in the centre of Brighton, celebrating Brighton being fascist and racist free for the first time in several years. Various activist and community groups had stalls, tea and cake was served and people generally celebrated not having to yell at and confront Nazis. Despite threatening the event, far-right bottle-jobs “Pie and Mash Squad”, surprise surprise, totally bottled it.

The Level is fascist free.

Even though the weather wasn’t great, we had a good day networking and talking to people about anti-fascism (and flogging t-shirts!). All in all, a busy couple of days, but very successful. It’s worth noting that some fascist groups have already stated their intent to come back to Brighton next year, so I’m sure we’ll see you all on the streets soon.

Never mind the ballots…it’s the 7th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair!

The 7th annual Bristol Anarchist Bookfair is less than two weeks away! Come along and check out our stall, with plenty of snazzy merch and information on anti-fascism. It’s always a good day out, with two halls filled with stalls from other campaigns and organisations, dozens of talks & workshops, a vegan cafe, a kids space and a bangin’ after party!

Reposted from Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

2015_poster_medIt’s back! It’s Angry, not apathetic!

Coming at you live and direct from east-central Bristol, just 13 days before the 2015 British General Election & local elections, we are pleased to invite you to the 7th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair – and there wont be a single lying, corrupt, austerity-enforcing, media-spinning politician in sight.

Saturday 25th April 2015,
11.00am – 6pm,
Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd,
Bristol BS2 0NW

Forms for booking stalls & proposing meetings/workshops are available online now. Full Bookfair Info.

Seven years on from our first Bookfair, 7 years on from the start of the global financial meltdown, after 7 years of austerity cuts and the rich getting richer, we are still here struggling and acting, providing alternatives and creating a new world based on co-operation, total equality, and freedom – a new world we carry in our hearts and dreams.

We’ll bring you probably Bristol’s largest, free, open to the public, political event in the month before the election. As just a small part of a Britain-wide anarchist intervention into the key issues & events surrounding the election, we may well be a part of the largest electoral block – the Non-Voters. Because just as you know, whoever the public votes for – the government always gets in.

The Bookfair will include – 2 halls filled with stalls from local campaigns & groups to national anarchist distros & publishers; workshops & meetings to discuss & debate the key issues; the Radical History Zone down the road at Hydra Bookshop; activities in Trinity Garden’s outdoor permaculture green space; an outdoor Soap-Box for Ranters; a quality vegan cafe; an indoor kids space; and a few surprises too!

govts fallThe Bookfair is a space for you, radicals, independent thinkers and those pissed off with & alienated from the political system, to come together and think outside the box. To discuss, network, laugh, cry and share the ideas, inspirations and strategies to resist and thrive. Leaders, politicians and representatives are never going to create the future we want. A better world is in our hearts – but it is only through considered self-organised action, together, that we can make it a reality.

In solidarity!
Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective

Note: for further info see ‘2015 Bookfair
FB – bristolanarchistbookfair
FB event – 7th Bristol Bookfair
Twitter – @bristolbookfair and hashtag #BABF2015
or email us queries at bristolanarchistbookfair[at]riseup[dot]net

and for afters…


PEGIDA – Ha Ha Ha!


The mobilisation against PEGIDA in London yesterday was a resounding success. Rather than the tens of thousands their German parent organisation has managed to bring out on to the streets, PEGIDA UK managed about 70, among whom were many very familiar faces from the extreme right, including some notorious neo-Nazis, destroying their claim not to be a far-right racist organisation.

There was a counter-demonstration by UAF which attracted over 300 people and an ‘all-London anti-fascist bloc’ co-ordinated by London Anti-Fascists, South London Anti-Fascists, North London Anti-Fascists and Dywizjon 161 comprised of 100+ people. PEGIDA ended up barricaded inside a pub, surrounded by anti-fascists and having to be rescued by the police.


The attempt to build PEGIDA in the UK appears to be failing big time – they managed a couple of hundred people for their first demonstration in Newcastle, where they relied heavily on the EDL and NF to make up the numbers. However, they were still opposed more than 10-1 by anti-racist Geordies. Their second outing in Edinburgh was even more risible, as only 4 people turned out for the demo, trying to hide and pretend they weren’t there as they were laughed at by a couple of hundred Scottish anti-fascists.


They now appear to be descending into self-delusion in an attempt to save face. One PEGIDA member at the rally in London claimed to a journalist that there were in fact 200 of them and explained the photos showing far fewer by saying “a lot of our supporters don’t want to be on television”.

Unfortunately for them, their main potential base of support – the EDL – was off being chased around Oxford by anti-fascists and couldn’t make it to London to bulk up the numbers.


PEGIDA demonstrations in the UK have failed to appeal to any ‘normal’ people and have consisted of the same old faces from the far-right. PEGIDA organisers have not made any significant efforts to deter them and have even specifically invited some of the worst extreme right neo-Nazis. Last week EDL News caught PEGIDA organiser Marion Rogers inviting neo-Nazi Eddie Stampton. She later went on to claim she did not know who he was and he would be removed from the demo. This of course turned out to be untrue and here he is pictured with fellow Nazi Colin McKay.



It might have been better for Stampton if he had stayed home as he ended up locking himself in the toilets of the St Stephens Tavern to hide from anti-fascists!


Following the embarrassing demo in London, Matt Pope, the leader of PEGIDA UK, who himself has far-right links, has now quit the sinking ship. We predict a short life for PEGIDA UK as it has failed to gain any traction as a brand and there seems little reason for the far right to continue with it rather than just marching under their normal brands of the EDL, NF etc.

PEGIDA UK leader Matt Pope is buddies with the leader of the BNP



Saturday was a good day for anti-fascists. We managed to outnumber and ruin the EDL’s day in Oxford and simultaneously drown out PEGIDA in London. This shows a new level of organisation for anti-fascists – unity between different anti-fascist groups and being able to mobilise effectively in two places simultaneously, out-numbering and out-manoeuvring the far-right in both places.


The next major anti-fascist mobilisation is against the March for England in Blackpool on April 25th. Like the EDL, they are another far-right group that has thought better of mobilising in Brighton and are trying their luck in pastures new. Let’s show them that the North West is no more welcoming for fascists than the South East. There should be transport running to Blackpool from Manchester, London, Sheffield and other locations around the country – contact your local AFN group for details.

The fascists’ next outing in London is an EDL national demo on May 9th in Walthamstow. Given that the last time they tried to march in Walthamstow a mere 200 EDL were totally blocked by 2000 anti-fascists & pelted with eggs, and their ‘national’ demo yesterday only pulled 150 people max, it looks like we can expect another drubbing for the far-right in the capital.

Something very strange at the anti-PEGIDA demo...

See you on the streets!