Worst of British Boneheads Gig

UPDATE: So, where are all the proud patriot warriors? Well, it seems the boneheads don’t want anyone to know where their gig is! We can understand their concern and worry about possible trouble in a city not known for it’s tolerance of fascists. They’ve all gone strangely quiet, with no news about where this proud and glorious event is to take place, since we exposed the fascist politics of the bands involved. If fascist and right wing bands are forced to play to each other in an empty pub, between moaning “Where is everyone?!” and possibly (hopefully) fighting each other out of frustration, that’s not so bad. Shit politics, shit music, shit for brains and shit crowd! We hope “Soldiers Off The Streets”, a charity set up by high ranking BNP members and the stated beneficiaries of the gig, don’t have high hopes for raking it in off this one!

This Saturday 20th June right wing boneheads in Bristol are planning the so called “Best of British Bulldogs” Oi gig. This is a chance for fascist boneheads from around the country to mob up, get drunk and feel safe spouting their racist and anti working class shit in the company of fellow bigots. They will claim that it’s “just about the music” and some will declare themselves “apolitical” but scratch the surface and you’ll see a very different story and the extent of fascist politics in the skinhead Oi music scene. One of the organisers of the gig, Richard Pascoe is a racist and likes to hang out with neo nazi friends like band members from Queensbury Rules, the local band on the bill. Lewis Carter and Wojciech Wasilewski from this band are confirmed neo nazis who actively support the fascist Blood and Honour music scene. Here they are proudly wearing their nazi band Tshirts: “Legitimate Violence”, “Screwdriver” and “Pitbull Farm – Rock Against Communism”.

10. Wojciech Wasilewski, Lewis Carter
15. Richard Pascoe (Pitbullfarm RAC shirt) and unknown Nazi, 2015

And here they are playing a birthday gig for Mick McGarity, neo nazi Blood and Honour security goon. And the other bands on that bill? None other than Last Orders, Citizen Keyne, Code 1 and Hooligan UK! All of whom are also down to play the worst of British Boneheads gig in Bristol.

20. Mick McGarity birthday 2013
21. Mick McGarity, ISD security, 2013

Beginning to see a pattern? All of the bands who are due to play in Bristol this weekend have a history of sharing stages with neo nazi bands such as Pitbull Farm, Skinfull and Tattooed Motherfuckers. You see the same line ups again and again and the same pattern of neo nazi involvement in the bands themselves. Streetpunk Drunks singer and nazi band promoter Seanie Sean is typical of right wing idiots who do their best to publicly distance themselves from their fascist brethren but fail miserably every time because the links are as clear as a gig full of nazi salutes. Here’s Code 1 sharing a stage with the singer of neo nazi band “Brutal Attack”, Ken McLellan:

17. Code 1 & Ken McLellan (Brutal Attack)
Last Orders regularly play for sieg heiling crowds of fascist idiots and lead singer John Henderson is a Blood and Honour supporter. He used to play in a nazi band called “The Blackshirts”. Last Orders plays a cover of the neo nazi band Screwdriver’s song “The Voice of Britain”, complaining about how “our country” is being taken over by “aliens”. It’s basically a call for race war. Below is a couple of examples of the great mind that is Mr. Henderson:

23. Last Orders FB page 'joke'

27. Last Orders FB page Hitler 'joke'
And here he is with his nazi mates:
02. Henderson & Nolan, B&H Coventry, 2000
16. John Henderson with unknown fascists
Bristol Antifascists believe these boneheads and their bigotry should have no space in our city. Right wing gigs like this serve to increase the confidence of racists and fascists. If unchallenged, they are likely to result in more racist attacks. They need to be stopped.We will shortly be posting the venue details on this site. Please add your voice to calls to close down this gig by contacting the venue and demanding they pull the plug and refuse a stage for racism and fascism in our city.