They are not alone!

19th April marked the 124th day of Imam Sis’ indefinite hunger strike, and 7 members of Bristol anti-fascists went on a 24 hour fast in solidarity with him. 4 of the group travelled to Newport to visit the Kurdish community centre and fast with 30 or so others. Imam Sis is a friend and comrade to some members of the group, and the Kurdish struggle is something we have always believed in.
Imam is one of thousands participating in this hunger strike to end the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. It is understood that peace talks with Turkey cannot go ahead without the democratically supported Kurdish leader.
As we write this, it is the 131st day of Imam’s strike and the 167th day for Leyla Guven (elected MP imprisoned in Turkey for voicing critique), among thousands of others. With 9 already lost and the situation being critical for so many more, the time to act is now.
Support the demo called by the Bristol Kurdish Solidarity network on 8th May at 6pm, meeting at the fountains. Spread the word!
You can also find out more about how to take action by following Kurdish solidarity network on social media. 
Read about Imam’s hunger strike here: