Fascism goes south in Southampton


Another brilliant and strong example of grassroots community antifascism was on show in Southampton yesterday. It was met by a total no show by the neo nazis and racists who had planned to march in the town. The so called Pie and Mash squad, recently renamed Cry and Dash by militant antifascists who have met them, must have had a quick look at the hundreds of antifascists occupying their intended rally point and thought better of it. We got reports from spotters that they were lurking in a pub but had strangely disappeared by the time a large group of antifascists arrived to have a word about their misguided politics. We’ve noticed these fascists always have good running shoes. When word got out that they were at the train station police lines could not stop a mob determined to get there to see them off. They must have been right on their toes and only just managed to escape with help from the police who put them on a train home for their own safety. 5 words: “Get on the train, quick!” So while the fascist losers (all 16 of them!) were having their customary and laughable “victory” photo on the getaway train, we celebrated with several hundred antifascists on the real victory march through town to the Guildhall. The mix of people and sense of solidarity was an impressive reminder of our strength and shared contempt for right wing politics in the face of the fallout from Brexit. We heard a lot of people asking how they could get involved with the local group and we’re sure this will be a big boost to antifascist organising in the town. Winning grows confidence, which grows movements! We were very proud to help keep the streets of Southampton tidy and to stand alongside such a top bunch of comrades. Respect and solidarity to all Southampton antifascists!