Flint and Denbigh hunt foxes in front of kids.

fox fleeing the Flint and Denbigh hunt

By now, we thought we’d seen the deepest depths the Flint and Denbigh hunt would sink to. But on Tuesday at a meet at Kinmel Estate in St.George, it was pretty cringeworthy stuff, even by their (lack of) standards.

With horseboxes still turning up, the hunt sent a chap out of the estate to ask us not to record as there would be a lot of children attending and that their parents had raised concerns…. fair enough we’re not here to take photos of children, but if only their parents moral compasses pointed as far as not wanting children see foxes illegally ripped to pieces.

Maybe we’d be in for an easy day, with no need to get the cameras out? Especially given most the riders were children, some very young, one in particular who was being led on reins by head of the pony club Bethan.
BUT NO! Not long after setting off and the hunt were onto a fox. ‘BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!’. The fox fled across fields and into the garden of one the properties on the estate, pursued by the hounds and hunted on by the huntsman. The hunt will find this one difficult to lie their way out of, they won’t be able to use the smokescreen excuse of they thought they were on a trail, as the person living in the property was out shouting at the hunt! Asking why has he got hounds in his garden! The police were called at this point, unfortunately, we got through to a rather snotty woman asking us why are we on private property, rather than focusing on reporting a crime which was in progress. In the meanwhile Toby was still trying to find the fox. Amazingly 2 police cars then turned up, one with a drone! The hunt were now hunting next to the very dangerous Glascoed Roman Road. But on realising the police had turned up with a drone, the hunt just froze. For the entire time the police drone was in the air the hunt didn’t move, they just sat on their horses looking at each others hideous faces. But as soon as the drone team were called away on another job the hunt set off again, and headed back the way they came from. Had Dunn now learnt his lesson? Unfortunately not, as not long later he was onto another fox! This fox took a similar route to the first one, and into the garden the hunt shouldn’t be in, and again with shouts of “get out my garden”. 101 was called again, and just our luck we got through to Ms Jobsworth again! Clearly this idI0T is pro hunt…. Once again rather than dealing with the ongoing crime she gave us her personal views, asking why we are on private land, and claiming the drone team had been out once and had reported that they were happy that no hunting was going on…. JUST REPORT THE CRIME PLEASE!

We’re hopefully this fox also escaped too. With most the hunt packing up, Dunn continued in his quest to rip up a fox. Even Briggs had packed up his horse, but in a serious breach of the data protection act, Toby had left a full list of landowners names, addresses, emails and phone numbers in clear view in the window of his vehicle. See photos, although we’ve blocked the details out as we don’t want to breach GDPR… we’re not like the hunt. Hounds had not rioted across the main road in cry with Toby hunting them on, even whipper-in Huw had lost the hunt and was asking us which way they’d gone. Eventually they found their hounds and packed up.

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