Flint and Denbigh hunt blatantly hunt foxes in front of Children.

Hit report 31/12/22

If you allowed your child to ride with the Flint and Denbigh hunt yesterday then you really do need a call from social services. It’s no wonder we received numerous tip offs from just after 9am yesterday from concerned locals who cannot stand this rabble.

We were expecting a usual 11am hunt meet but just after 9am the tip offs started coming in that horseboxes were heading to Cefn Meiriadog (one of very few hunt meets they still have left). We arrived in Cefn at 9.40am to see a large gathering of horseboxes but thankfully the hunt hadn’t set off yet. On first impressions given that the majority of the riders were children from the pony club we thought maybe we’d be in for easy day, how wrong were we….

Young child at a fox hunt.

The hunt went fully “smokescreen” at the start and stuck some green bibs on a couple of riders and told them to drag a rag along the ground, the huntsman Robert Medcalf then attempted to flush a fox in that direction. He entered a woodland hollering and making a burring sound in an attempt to disturb any foxes that may be taking cover in the woodland. He drew a blank and headed off to the next woodland hollering and burring again. They worked their way to Coed y Esgob and held this woodland up for some time. By now they had terrier men sat on-point on a fox run coming from the woods and the whips also stood on-point as the huntsman cast his hounds into thick overgrowth hollering and burring. We don’t know what the children thought was going on as they sat around on their ponies.

clearly they haven’t laid a trail over the wall

Sabs had situated themselves in position awaiting a fox to be flushed so they could then attempt to stop the hounds. In the same location as last time they were at Coed y Esgob they flushed a fox again and the fox ran out of the woodland in the direction of St.Asaph, with the huntsman and whips in pursuit. We jumped in our vehicles and headed for St.Asaph where the hunt had chased the fox along the main Glas Coed Road and through the Honeywell factory, members of the public were out their houses shouting “leave it” at the hounds after witnessing the whole thing. The huntsman just laughed when told to call his hounds back, the police turned up and laughed too…
The hunt had turned back into Cefn and were now searching for the fox in Square Covert. The field riders most of them children were how stood on-point around the woodland awaiting for the fox to be flushed. By now we had sabs surroundings the hunt and every time the hounds broke from the woods they failed to pick up due to the masking scent of citronella. Medcalf kept putting the hounds back into square covert and then goedfron coppice but with no luck. Again the hapless Wilby became the scapegoat as the huntsman shouted at him for moved off point. As the hunt headed off and one of the childrens ponies failed to go over the jump one of the adults with the child screeched “just hit it”.

By now the hunt didn’t know where half their hounds were, some were in Eryl Hall caravan park others still in Coed y Esgob, and many of the riders started to leave. Medcalf however carried on to blatantly and illegal hunt in front of the remaining children. He headed down to the river and once again picked up on a
scent. 3 deer bolted from down by the river heading North West and being pursued by half the pack but almost simultaneously a fox was flushed and ran in the opposite direction across the fields and across the road near one of our vehicles, and was now being hunted by the rest of the pack. We believe this fox had gone to ground given all the hound prints all over the fox earth which had conveniently had a dead goat left next to it to feed the foxes and keep them in the area to be hunted, coincidently hunt member Mr Holmsberg farms goats not too far from here. The hunt however weren’t too sure where the fox had gone as they sent a rider into the barns behind the village hall to search in the hay bales for the fox. Medcalf then looped around Coed Yr Acar once more probably looking for his hound before heading back to the kennels and leaving shortly after with his trailer.

Thank for all your support during 2022 and over the years. We’ll drop a link to out gofundme in the comments below.

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