Hit report 8/1/22NUMEROUS FOXES SAVED FROM THE FLINT AND DENBIGH HUNT!With our good friends Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs It’s safe to say the Flint and Denbigh hunt are a reckless bunch of savages, with their new “We don’t give an F” attitude. From start to finish they didn’t only endanger wildlife horses and hounds but the safety of the general public as they unloaded their hounds and horses straight onto the B5381 near to Kinmel Estate in St.George. Only the hunt will know why they couldn’t have unloaded safely within the estate itself.

With the Wynnstay hunt changing their Saturday meet to Friday we also had the displeasure of some of their riders joining us. With a larger field than usual, more terrier men than usual, the hunt supporters, numerous sabs and the police then this meet was now breaking covid regulations…. not that that matters as this hunt have broken the covid regulations that you or us are meant to follow since the start of this pandemic, with absolutely no action taken against them despite the Welsh Government clarifying the regs to North Wales Police.

sabs close in on the rabble.

Sabs entered Kinmel Estate and the hunt set off, heading straight towards Kinmel Hall, we wonder what the new owners of Kinmel Hall think about illegal fox hunting? As sabs closed in on the hunt a police car was seen in the grounds, closely following behind the hunt, we later found out the vehicle was the rural crime team. As the hunt crossed the estate followed by the police and sabs the hounds briefly picked up on the scent of a fox in Coed y Meibion, hollering and burring sounds were made by the huntsman to try disturb any resting foxes, sabs could hear this despite being further away from the hunt than the police who were actually right on the hunts tail at this point, we haven’t a clue what the police thought was going on? The hunt then made their way to the South side of the estate near to the B5381 and sabs drove around to cut them off. By now the “Smokescreen trail layers” were right at the back of the field riders, hmmm shouldn’t they be pretending to lay trails ahead of the hunt? As sabs pulled up in a lay-by on the B5381 hounds were heard in cry. Sabs rushed over to the woodland with hounds still in cry, the field riders were stood on-point and the 3 quads of the terrier men were circling the woods with hunt supporters watching on! With sabs now on him the huntsman then called the hounds out the woodland but not until they’d been in cry for a couple of minutes. As the huntsman rounded up his hounds, 2 officers from the Rural Crime Team appeared from the small woods! Sabs asked the officers “did you see that?” The police were completely oblivious to what had just occurred! The hunt moved off, did a quite lap before doubling back and stopped for drinks. The huntsman thanked hunt member Dewi for supplying the knockoff port before they headed out the estate.

The hunt then crossed the main road and onto the Glasscoed side the road, by now we had numerous sabs vehicles patrolling the area and even members of the public joining in pointing out the direction the hunt are heading. The hunt crossed through Ddôl farm, surprisingly after all the upset they caused there last time. Sabs were able to cut off the hunt via a bridleway at Bôd-ysgawen isaf farm, which is an absolutely filthy dairy farm. The hunt passed through Llanefydd and make their way to Bontnewydd. By now they’d managed to shake off the police and the hunt supporters reverted to their usual aggressive ways, blocking the roads and driving at our vehicles. Whipper-in Wilby was stood on-point on the road in Bontnewydd at the edge of Coed y Dafarn, as he raced up and down the road looking for foxes to be flushed he almost rode into one of our vehicles as he galloped around a blind corner on the wrong side the road, ROAD SAFETY WILBY! Huntsman Rob Medcalf was on top of the woodland and hounds started to speak on the scent of a fox. Sabs climbed the steep embankment and caught Medcalf attempting to hunt. The hunt then moved off South to Cefn Berain. Is was at this point a brace of foxes, no doubt a breeding pair, ran fleeing for their lives passed our sabs. The hound in cry not far behind! Sabs rated the hounds using voice calls and sounds of whips cracking to holt the hounds. At this point a member of the public who lived near by messaged our page to alert us a fox had bolted through his garden! The fox was also witnessed by another of our vehicles now far away from the hunt!

Wilby should get riding lessons

It was 2pm and the hunt weren’t far from the kennels, surely now they’d be packing up?Sadly this was not the case as the hunt were desperate to kill. The hunt then headed back to Bôd-ysgawen farm and hounds went into cry again! A deer was seen fleeing across the road away from the hunt. Sabs had the hunt surrounded, but as they headed back through Bôd-ysgawen farm and towards the road they picked up on another fox in Nant Ysgawen Woods! The hunt continued to blatantly hunt despite it being right in front of sabs. Sabs on the road saw the fox fleeing across the road and heading in the direction of Cefn Berain. The hunt then headed in the exact same direction! Back in Cefn Berain and the hunt continued to hunt illegally. The terrier men had also turned aggressive with Smith Junior kicking one of our vehicles. The huntsman Medcalf allowed his hounds to try pick up on the scent of foxes as they rampage through thick hedges. Finally the rural crime team had found tbe hunt, we hadn’t seen them since they helped Pat close the gates behind her at Kinmel Estate around 3hrs earlier, didn’t the hunt supply them with a copy of the planned route? Hmm maybe they did but the “smokescreen trail layers” had also left hrs earlier too. It was now 3.45pm and the event was totally chaotic, the hunt were increasingly getting annoyed and the supporters were frustrated as they blocked roads and tried to ram one of our vehicles. The hunt now finally decided to pack up and we escorted them back to the kennels.It’s your support that keeps us in the fields! There are numerous ways you can support us, by becoming a member of the Hunt Saboteurs Association, by donating direction to us on the link we’ll post in the comments section or by purchasing the CD or Download we’ll also post in the comments. Thank you all do much!

off you trot Robert

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