New Years Day 2022


We started the day with our friends Shropshire Hunt Saboteurs in search of the Flint and Denbigh hunt, but they were nowhere to be seen. On our travels we’d bumped into a couple of their regular supporters just going about their everyday business which suggests the F&D had once again cancelled. So tbe decision was made to head to Cheshire and the Cheshire Forest hunt who were meeting at the Hare and Hounds pub in Crowton. On route we met up with Derby Hunt Saboteurs and headed to Crowton where our good friends Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs and Cheshire Against Blood Sports were already on the hunt.

sabs not giving the Cheshire Forest a break

We arrived a little later that other groups and by now the hunt weren’t doing much at all after realising they were they weren’t going to be able to shake off the large turnout of sabs. The hunt had managed to muster up more rabble than usual but not the 50 riders that was reported by the Cheshire Forest hunt. There was a lot of drinking going on, and when the hunt finally moved off sabs stuck to them making sure no hunting could take place. The hunt went across some fields over some jumps and down some bridleways…. all seeming well and good…..

The Cheshire Forest hounds prefer sabs.

But on Beech lane when the hunt thought they’d given us the slip, hounds picked up on the scent of a fox and gave chance. Fortunately the hunt hadn’t given sabs the slip as they thought, and sabs were on hand to make sure the fox evaded the hounds and ran to ground. As some sabs escorted the hunt back to the Hare and Hounds where the hunt had more drinks before driving home, other sabs made sure the terrier men didn’t return to dig out the fox.

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