The Flint and Denbigh sinking ship.

Hit report 17/2/24

Today the 18th of February marks the 19th anniversary of the Hunting Act. Nineteen years since it has been illegal to use a pack of hounds to hunt a wild mammal…. Yet yesterday, like so many other groups, we were out in the fields again to try and prevent these countryside yobs from ripping up foxes with hounds.

The hunt met at Perthewig farm in Trefnant, owned by Cllr James Elson, it’s no wonder the hunt get away with so much. One noticeable absentee was young whipper-in Huw, who seems to have deserted the Flint and Denbighs sinking ship, as he was spotted out hunting in Cheshire yesterday with the Cheshire Hounds. The hunt sang happy birthday to somebody before setting off, in what was quite horrible conditions, taking their sinking ship across flooded fields. You’d hope they’d know better, but they clearly have no care for their horses and hounds. At one point, Toby went
Into a rant after a couple of riders had completed that it wasn’t safe to be galloping across sodden fields…. We’re sure the riders will be just as glad as us to see the back of Dunn.

The whole day was a bit of a damp squib of an event, they stopped around 1.40pm for more booze, before heading off again.
Toby with his usual real bad excuses as to why he’s casting hounds into woodlands and hedgerows, where clearly nobody could have even pretended to lay a trail. The hunt then headed to Griffiths Plas Newydd estate, another landowner who could find himself prosecuted under the hunting act for knowingly allowing illegal hunting on his land. They then crossed the Upper Denbigh road to Plas Heaton estate before making the long wet trip back to pack up at Darchs Green Isa at around 4.30pm, as wet and bored as the rest of us.

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