The struggling Flint and Denbigh hunt.

Former Flint and Denbigh huntsman Jeremy Reed

We are now at the end of the hunting season for the Flint and Denbigh hunt. When next season starts we’ll be on the third huntsman in as many years. When Jeremy Reed quit at the end of last season after stating he could no longer hunt due to saboteurs, we predict this to be the start of the end for the Flint and Denbigh hunt and it’s increasingly looking like we were correct. Jeremy Reed was at the Flint and Denbigh for a long time even pre-ban, we’re sure the hunt were hoping for an easy transition when choosing the next huntsman but that has not happened. Jeremy Reed is a bad man, illegally fox hunting, filling badger setts, shooting horses to feed to his hounds, using bagged foxes as confirmed to us by one of his riders who dropped out in disgust at the cruelty. “The hunt are capturing foxes, keeping them starved for days then releasing them starved and confused on hunt day”. Jeremy also allowed members of his hunt like Community Councillor Ed Lloyd-Ellis continuously assault protesters. But Jeremy didn’t like bad publicity and Jeremy didn’t like the attention of the police. North Wales police confirmed to us whilst we were submitting video evidence of illegal hunting against Jeremy Reed, that Mr Reed had been questioned in Denbigh police station 3 times for illegally hunting over the years but on each occasion Jezza would sit there saying nothing and just allow his solicitor to do the talking. On one occasion Jeremy was questioned for causing the death of a deer after his hounds rioted after it causing it to jump a fence and get it’s hind leg trapped causing it’s death. On that occasion a witness from the caravan park near the Cefn estate had reported the hunt to the police. As the police said to us “Look we know he’s illegally hunting but it’s just hard to prove it”. One of the final straws for old scatterpack Jeremy Reed was the failure to get an injunction on our sabs. The hunt colluded with Denbigh police to stitch up our sabs and the hunt tried to get an injunction, in court they wanted an injunction on 2 of our sabs to not attend any hunts in England and Wales for 5 years, they then changed that to just the Flint and Denbigh hunt and for 3 years. As the CPS left for lunch Jeremy Reed ran after her “Don’t forget about the injunction keep pushing”. This was an epic fail and just a month later Jeremy had left.

Flint and Denbigh hunt Nigel Cox,
and what a misery he was.

So the start of the 2019/20 season it was all charge at the Flint and Denbigh hunt, a new whipper-in Jay Reardon and what a little brat he is and new huntsman Nigel Cox. It was a bit of a surprise they brought in Nigel Cox as a makeshift huntsman as he had already retired at the end of the 2018/19 season. Cox is quite an infamous huntsman who was once convicted after he shot his shotgun through the radiator of a van vehicle with the sabs in the vehicle, thankfully by now he’d calmed down a little. The start of the season had started with whipper-in Jay Reardon and newly promoted from field master to whipper-in Toby Dunn taking control of hound exercise they a couple of cubbing meets whilst they awaited the arrival of Cox. We didn’t know what to expect from the new huntsman and at first when we caught them red handed illegally cubbing Nigel Cox would panic and do a runner. He didn’t keep this up long though and gradually got more blatant as the season went on. On one occasion in Mostyn estate he continued to blatantly hunt in front of a lone sab possibly killing at least twice on this day. The further into the season the less Nige seemed to care about being caught. Nigel Cox hates sabs petting the hounds and would encourage whipper-in Jay Reardon to ride his horse at sabs if they got too close to the hounds. Nigel Cox is misery personified, with as much charm and charisma as a stepped in dog turd, we won’t be sad to see his back of this old charmer. What we saw with the new huntsman and whip was neglect of the hounds, some being so skinny we could see their spines. The RSPCA have investigated this. We also witnessed blatant illegal hunting, a loss of hunt meets which resulted in them either being at Cefn Meiriadog or Trefnant every Saturday, and towards the end of the season a few of the regular hunt supporters appeared to drop out… Something suggests it’s not all rosey at the Flint and Denbigh.

New Flint and Denbigh huntsman Robert Metcalf.

The 2020/21 season will see the 3rd huntsman in as many years. The Flint and Denbigh hunt really have scrapped through the bottom of the barrel to unearth Robert Metcalf. Robert Metcalf has been sacked by the South Devon hunt after members of the hunt reported him for animal cruelty to the hounds. Just imagine how bad that cruelty must have been for his own hunt members to report him. We’ve heard Robert isn’t a popular man down in South Devon and that the South Devon hunt is full of infighting due to him. We’ll see what sort of welcome he’ll get from the Flint and Denbigh hunt members but if rumours are true the hunt are already on their way out. A job nobody wanted due to the constant pressure from the sabs. A job nobody wanted due to the hunt having practically nowhere left to hunt. A job given to a man sacked by a hunt for animal cruelty. We’ll soon find out just how genuine Flint and Denbigh hunt members are when they claim to care about the welfare of the hounds. One thing is for certain Robert Metcalf won’t be getting a warm welcome from us.

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  1. The Flint & Denbigh have no morals so will no doubt welcome the sadistic new huntsman, so called! They have few areas left to hunt – Trefnant being one they frequent almost weekly. Griffiths the land owner is a complete brainless prick and a heartless one at that!

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