The Worst Idea of the Decade

Lady to man: You need to quit doing things that don’t need to be done!
Man to lady: No I don’t! Don’t you dare say dat!
Lady to man:
Man to lady:
Lady to man: You are making a ton of dough doing this pointless shit, aren’t you?
Man to lady: No, no, I’m saving the world.
Lady to man: From nothing, you twit.
Man to lady, menacing: You call this nothing?
Lady to man: That’s you, you idiot! You can’t save the world from yourself!

Man: I had to stop you, you were doing it wrong.
Lady: What?
Man: You’re not ready yet.
Lady: Could that maybe be because you’ve been stopping me?

Man: I give you challenge–can you not be infuriated by me? This is very important.
Lady: What? Of course I’m not infuriated.
Man: No, that is wrong. I am trying to infuriate you on purpose. So you won’t be. And that is important.
Lady: Please see above and start over. Repeat until you understand.


Never, ever let anyone insult you and tell you that it’s for your own good; this is the definition of psychological abuse, something that used to be rare outside of cults, but now can be considered a “parenting style.” Consider when it was that anyone last said to you, “Yes, but I really think you can do better.”

I knew a single mom of three girls who called them b****es, whenever they were b****y, and was proud to do so, because she wanted to be real with them, which she was. While this idea has a lot of appeal, not the least of which was this mom’s relationship with and definition the word b*****, and her devotion to said word inspired my admiration, this idea never sat well with me.


and cleverness wins