Additive Literature


Artifact 1: Once upon a time there was a girl who had a little dog named Toto.

The time was uncertain. The girl we don’t know much about. The dog was definitely named Toto.
I think maybe the girl was probably black.
Her dog represents the importance of being small and hairy.
For a girl to have her own dog was unusual, in those days. This girl was probably shunned and spurned because of it.

Artifact 2, discovered later: There were three grown women too, along with the girl. All of them were more powerful than she. Two were dark, but one was not. There were also some strange men here and there.

The two dark grown women represent Doubt and Disliking Dogs.
The not-dark grown woman we can identify with, when we’re not identifying with the girl.
The women were more powerful than the girl because the girl was born a vile sinner.
Hey, girls, women and strange men can all get along, you know, if they are nice to each other.

Artifact 3, found by a magic search engine hidden in a cave that has subsequently disappeared: ALL OF THEM WERE ROBOTS EVEN THE DOG


Artifact 4: The girl was lost and couldn’t find her home. One of the women and some of the strange men helped her find it, with the aid of a hot air balloon.

See Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Not sure why.

Artifact 5: The girl teleported home on the power of her ruby slippers, which have also disappeared.

Were the ruby slippers robots?

couldn’t resist: follow the yellow-brick road to the truth

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