Best Depot Reveals New Earth Day Decorations

Consumers no longer have to restrict their creative impulses to boring holidays like Christmas and Exxon’s Birthday.

whale lights

Best Depot today launched it’s new line of hot new Earth Day decorations, opening the door to what some investors are calling the “Feel-Good-About-It-Holiday Market.”

“It’s not enough anymore for people to decorate just because other people are decorating,” said Suzy Wetankles, VP of Responsible Marketing for Best Depot. “They want to decorate for good, for a meaningful reason.”

Decorating “for good” will be a challenge though, with so many exciting options to choose from!

“A lot of these decorations don’t just light up: they are also inflatable,” said Suzy.

glowing sea turtleglowing tiger*


How do consumers find the new line?

“I think Earth Day has a really nice palette,” said Francis Robbedherson. “Everyone gets tired of red and green, red and green, red and green, and we’re not Jewish. Earth day is a chance to use blue and mean it.”

She had just purchased a set of Assorted Endangered Species Porch&Lawn Laser Projections. “I thought I should get a few different ones, because there are still a lot of people who don’t know that there is such a thing as an endangered species. I consider this doing my part for education. Oh wow, that’s a lot of batteries. Hold on.”

Beyond Lowe plans to release its own line of Earth Day home decorations later this week, including a 32-foot plastic animatronic sea turtle that says “I’m the reason you recycle!” in 42 languages and an inflatable ice berg you can climb.

Although less high-tech than Best Depot’s line, Beyond Lowe’s options are touted for their durability.

“You should be able to get two, maybe even three seasons out of these items,” said Frank. Lee-Ahdintseeaprobtiljusnow. “Which is great! Everyone should know what an iceberg is. And the turtle is actually recyclable, which I think is clever.”

iceberg sea turtle

Don’t have room in the yard or the budget for the large-scale signs of festivity that really impress? Then you’ll have to make do with some ingenuity, I guess.spray grass

“I’m just going to spray the front of my house and the sidewalk with that instant-grow grass&fertilizer mix, and then let the kids carve some slogans into it,” said one mother of three. “And maybe some green lights. I want them to experience the holiday, but we can’t afford a turtle — this year. Bills are through the roof for some reason.”

Another mom had an inspired DIY approach. “I got some of those giant light up letters, on etsy? To spell out SAVE THE PLANET NOW EVERYONE with. Can I buy a vowel? Ha ha.”

light up letters  earth


*you make the imgs line up, a-hole

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