America is Growing Up!

AP-Angels are working hard to prepare the world for the next beautiful epoch of human civilization that has nothing to do with the second coming! And they are in a rush!

“Act now,” reported one of these tireless workers. “If we can’t get it right soon, it won’t happen at all.”

It is still unclear what exactly soon means to an immortal being. “As soon as you can,” was proposed and received several nods from the group, who did not look up from their world-changing labors.

“We really want you to have it,” one of them said. “Then we can hang out and stuff.”

“We’ve been talking to people from the future who have been through this before, and they say it shouldn’t be that difficult for you,” added another. “That’s why we’re here to help, and they were have been.”

The first step is to make sure every single human being has a sense of humor.



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