The Very Traditional Relationship and an Ugly State of Mind

Let me describe the very traditional relationship.

In a very traditional relationship, the lady is responsible for caring for the children and the house and the men.

The man. Right? One. The man.

So the lady is responsible for caring for the children and the house and the man. And the man …. is … responsible … for … Hmm.


Let’s try it like this: the lady’s needs, on a daily or emotional level, are her problem, and so are his. Not the other way around so much.

So her job is to take care of him and the kids. And his job is to protect her from salesman.

Who might come to the house.

Because as the interface with the world, he would be the one to have to deal with strangers.

She wouldn’t have to deal with strangers.

So she takes care of him and meets his needs, and he takes care of the salesman.

He keeps them, … you know … when they come to the house he talks to them and makes them leave, so that she doesn’t have to do that.




Let me explain why I look so hideously ugly. I should take that back. But if you are wondering why my face looks worse even than usual.

It’s because I’m sad. And when I’m less sad, I’ll be prettier again.

But now being sad and having this appearance is a reflection of a mental state that’s sort of comforting to me. But it’s funny, at work this morning, as people came around the corner and in view of my desk and looked at me, they went ‘Ugh!’ involuntarily. And then tried to cover it up. (laughs). This happened all morning, those poor people. I noticed it myself, in the mirror, the past couple of days. Wow, I thought, that’s really a rough face to see. But what a beautiful state of mind it is that goes with it. And really the only one I ever want around: I don’t care how I look.



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