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A collection of resources supporting our case for action against the NATO summit 

The are many reasons to oppose NATO and take action against their conference in Newport this summer. These arguments are, in our view, based on solid evidence and reasoning, whereas the arguments of those in power are based on little more than widespread repetition, personal assurances and appeals to authority. It is our hope that visitors to this site will go beyond corporate media soundbites, take a close look at the facts and arguments, and decide for themselves who has the stronger case.

The Callout

This is a statement agreed on by Stop NATO Cymru to give a foundation for the organisation and to briefly state what it’s all about.

Why we oppose NATO: links and references

This post lists a few places where the facts about NATO and militarism can be found, as well as giving a introductory paragraph on each topic.

Opposition to NATO: “ludicrous posturing” or good sense?

Second reply to pro-NATO MP

Newport MP Paul Flynn opposed the war in Afghanistan but still supports NATO for other reasons.  Here is a detailed reply to his blog post about the coming NATO protests, with a follow-up, contrasting some easily checked facts with what he says in his reply.  This is a good example of strong evidence confronting repetition and unsupported claims.  If you opposed war in Afghanistan but are not sure why anyone would be taking action against NATO apart from that, this is a good place to start.

Lessons from history: taking action CAN make a difference

Many sympathise with the anti-war message but feel pessimistic about the chances of doing anything about it. This article sets out to show that, in cases like this, taking action on the streets really can deliver meaningful change.

Mob Rule vs. Democracy

Besides knowing that taking action can be effective, we also need to be convinced that taking action is justified.  Should we be worried about mob rule?  Well, the answer is yes, that is exactly what we are worried about.  This article asks what mob rule and democracy really mean in our society.

Instead of NATO: what can we hope to achieve?

If we are against NATO, what are we for? This post gives some ideas about what the actions in Newport could achieve in the short and long term.

Note: whose opinions are these?

Stop NATO Cymru does not have a “party line.” The Callout is a statement agreed by consensus by those involved at an early stage in Stop NATO Cymru. The other articles above express the opinions of individuals who are supportive of SNC and/or agreed to have their pieces posted here, and are not necessarily posted by their authors.