Get Involved

Here are some ways you could get involved.

Come to a meeting

The easiest way to get involved is probably to come to a meeting. Stop NATO meet every Saturday, 4pm, at The Murenger Pub, High St, Newport. No to NATO (another group, more of a broad coalition) meet monthly in Newport. Anarchist Action Network (a national network) meet monthly in different cities, usually within reach of South Wales. See our events section for upcoming meetings.

 Join a working group or project

You can use the form below to contact the working group or project you’re interested in. Note that not all of these are organised by us – several of them are actually projects or groups organised through No To NATO or other groups – but by using this form your email will be forwarded to them. You can also use this form to make general enquiries or arrange a donation.

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Start planning actions

Get together with some trusted friends and start planning actions against the summit. You may find our resources section useful.

Organise in your area

You could get together with other people in your area to organise a local group; NATO’s tentacles are everywhere and NATO delegates will be staying in hotels over a wide area (Swindon to Swansea) during the summit, so there may be lots of things you could do locally, as well as the more obvious things like raising awareness, organising collective transport to Newport for the summit, or raising money. Contact us using the form above if we can help in any way.

Raise awareness of the summit

Lots of people still don’t know this is happening. You could tell your friends and family about it, download publicity to print and distribute, or use the form above to contact us to ask us to send you some.