FoWL Statement of Support

Statement of Support for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks- signed

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Statement of support for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Friends of WikiLeaks (FoWL) are issuing this ‘statement of support’ in preparation for the handing down of the UK Supreme Court judgement on Wednesday 30th May 2012 in the case of Assange V the Swedish Judicial Authority.

FoWL are a global collective of supporters, groups and networks who are united in their appreciation of the work of WikiLeaks- an organisation which aims to promote greater transparency and accountability of the powerful structures in our society in an effort to strengthen democracy and uphold global human rights. WikiLeaks serves a complex and multi-faceted function in our society that goes beyond the specific leaks themselves.

The manner in which the case against Julian Assange has been conducted and the factual inaccuracies that have characterised the mainstream media portrayal of both him and WikiLeaks lead us to believe that the case being decided upon at the Supreme Court is not simply about Julian Assange. This case is embedded within a context where Julian, heading the WikiLeaks organisation, has a sealed indictment against him, issued by the US. Extradition to the US is likely regardless of the decision handed down on the 30th May. WikiLeaks- a safe media organisation which whistleblowers can use to counter corruption, and the work of Julian Assange- a journalist and human rights activist, are being classed as terrorism. FoWL declare this as unjust.

FoWL therefore see a direct link between the treatment of Julian Assange in this case and the persecution of WikiLeaks by the global superpowers. We see this as an attempt at suppressing an important tool for prohibiting corruption. FoWL stand alongside Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks organisation and voice our dissent over the politicisation of our judicial systems.

At this historical juncture we are witnessing a global shift in the role of citizenship- nations are attempting to reclaim the right to hold the governing systems they have democratically elected accountable. History will write back to this moment, in judgement of our global response to the attempted suppression of knowledge, freedom and accountability. It is our future WikiLeaks is defending.

We are here- we are watching.

FoWL are represented by a network of independent supporter groups. This statement has been signed by:

FoWL Austria,
FoWL Berlin,
FoWL Serbia,
Adelaide FoWL,
FoWL Russia,
Hawaii FoWL,
FoWL Sweden,
FoWL Belgium,

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