Weapons of Musical Dissent
a growing collection…..

Sometimes e-petitions are just not enough…..

Sharon Z ft. Erick Nova: “Shout it out and be heard” from the album “Beat the Blockade”
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Mongrel: “Lies” from the album “Better Than Heavy” 2009
Discography at Wikipedia

Lowkey: “Dear England” from the album “Soundtrack to the Struggle” 2011
Discography at Wikipedia

Atari Teenage Riot: “Black Flags” from the album “Is This Hyperreal?” 2011
Discography at Wikipedia

Radiohead: “You and Whose Army?” from the album “Amnesiac” 2001
Discography at Wikipedia

M.I.A: “The Message” from the album “Maya” 2010
Discography at Wikipedia

The People’s Army: “Everything Must Change” released 2003
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Immortal Technique: “The 4th Branch” from the album “Revolutionary Vol 2” (2003)
Discography at Wikipedia

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