How you can get involved

Other than contacting UKFoWL and getting involved in this project, there are many other ways in which you can support Wikileaks.

Financial donations are of vital importance in keeping Wikileaks up and running (hence the recent attempts at financial blockades). You can find various ways to donate to Wikileaks here. You can also purchase items from the online shop– a means of donating which also maintains a visibility of support.

Keep talking
Whether its amongst your peers or writing to your MP it is important to keep Wikileaks in the foreground and legitimise the work they do by keeping Wikileaks in peoples consciousness.

We hope to collect a range of resources for you to use for these purposes- make sure you share and distribute any ideas you have too.

You can consider becoming a reporter for Wikileaks Central, find out more here.

You can chat with other like-minded people at:
Wikileaks Chat
Wikileaks Forum

Join others
We are all much stronger when we stand together. Other than the above forums, you can join others here:

Friends of Wikileaks
Wikileaks on Facebook
UKFoWL on Facebook
Wikileaks on Twitter
UKFoWL on Twitter

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