The Leaks

Since it began publishing in 2007, Wikileaks has published a lot of data. Since the release of the ‘collateral murder’ video in 2010 Wikileaks has had considerable press attention. Wikileaks are source-driven; they do not solicit information. They offer the protection of anonymity to those who feel they have information that needs to be in the public domain which Wikileaks, alongside other media partners, then publishes. The most recent leaks are:

The GI files

In February 2012 Wikileaks began releasing the Global Intelligence files. This is an enormous collection of emails from the US based ‘intelligence’ agency- Stratfor. The emails show the structures of an organisation that has links with powerfully large companies and government agencies.

The Spy Files

In December 2011 Wikileaks began releasing the Spyfiles. This is a database of hundreds of documents from 160 intelligence contractors in the mass surveillance industry and gives us some idea of the scope of this covert and powerful industry.

The Guantanamo Files

In April 2004 Wikileaks began releasing the Guantanamo Files– documentation from the notoriously controversial prison. This information opens up the processes of detaining and holding suspected terrorists and suggests a disparity between the rhetoric of the ‘War on Terror’ and the evidence against many Guantanamo prisoners.

US Embassy Cables

In November 2010 Wikileaks (and related media partners) began releasing Cablegate– a huge collection of secret US Embassy cables. The documents offer an unprecedented insight into US Government foreign activities.

A comprehensive guide to the cables and ways of searching through the material is here at Wikileaks Central.

Other leaks

Wikileaks have opened up information via hundreds of other releases, their archives can be found here.

The Wikileaks Fourm is an excellent place to explore and discuss the implications of, and reactions to, the leaks- search through the posts or create your own.

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