No platform for fascism or bigotry

We are pleased to announce that Bristol UWE have cancelled the debating event and platform for fascist,  misogynistic scumbags, Milo Yiannopoulos and Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of  Akkad. While this is great (and saves us wasting our milkshakes), and a testament to the power of collective  organising and pressure, their stated reasons for pulling the event,  “security concerns”, are a disgrace. In UWE’s statement there was nothing about concerns over giving a platform for and enabling far right  figures to spout bigotry and thinly veiled hate speech. Of course the UWE debating society and UWE  as an institution would predictably justify it all as taking a stand  for “free speech” but as militant antifascists who understand the  history of fascism and how it grows, we know where this approach leads us. Fascists worldwide and throughout history have always used “free  speech” as a shield to gain power. And once they do, see how quickly  their much heralded “free speech” disappears for anyone who disagrees  with them. It’s giving a platform for fascist, white supremacist views  that emboldens fascists and leads to murderous attacks such as what we  saw in Pittsburgh, Christchurch, London and so many other places where  fascist terrorism has shocked the world. Fascism is not to be debated.  It needs to be smashed.
 The racists and fascists will be enraged by this cancellation and   removal of their platform. The debating society appears similarly   annoyed on their twitter yesterday (14th May):
 “UWE  Debating Society were informed earlier  today that the University has  withdrawn support for our EU elections  hustings. We are still in  communication with @UWEBristol and @TheSUatUWE  to allay any concerns  they have. We are continuing to prepare for  Friday’s event.”
 Keep  your eyes and ears open in case they try to get the event  reinstated  or to hold a speaking event in an alternative venue in  Bristol. Let’s  be ready. Antifascists assemble!

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