Anti Fascist Network conference 01.12.19

How did so many ordinary people back a regime based on racist violence, even as it ramped up violence against minorities and anyone on the left? “Would I have been seduced by the apocalyptic rhetoric? Would I have been able to hold onto my morals while barbarity became normality? And if the politicians and the powerful acquiesced to the interests of business fueled by racism and division, what could I have done as just one person?” As of 2019, the time to wonder “what would I have done?” is done. Let’s talk about what we can do!

This is a public day of practical and theoretical workshops and discussions about how to resist racism and fascism in the present day, based on the active role of the working class and others targeted by fascism. There will also be stalls, socialising, food and a chance to meet others in the struggle.

All voices, all perspectives, all backgrounds welcome, in a spirit of collective strength and support.

Afterwards: music and socialising at the Library, Cowley Road.

Travel and accessibility:
From Oxford railway station, get the number 5 bus and get off at
Princess St, Cowley Road. Other buses from central Oxford: 1, 10, U5. Coach from London (Oxford Tube or X90): get off at St Clements – venue is 5 minute walk. Bike racks available at venue.
Cafes and supermarkets nearby.
Venue is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know if you have other accessibility needs.
Please let us know if you require childcare, ideally by 24 November.
Attendance is free for all, but donations are welcome to cover costs and help the work of OXAF and the AFN.

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